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Gestión of identities



Gestión of identities


Invited: New service for the PAS and the PDI
All the members of the profesorado and the PAS can generate until 10 temporary users for the access to the wifi
Each one of the accounts will be able to have a force of until 10 days


If the person invited has of Eduroam thanks to his university of origin,
It is not necessary to generate him an user UA.
With the user Eduroam can connect directly to our wifi.


Fulfilling the requirements of the National Diagram of Security (ENS)
The relative activity to the gestión of identities remains registered
With the sufficient level of detail to guarantee the trazabilidad demanded.






All the members of the profesorado and of the PAS can generate temporary users of wifi for the use of invited.

  • It allows a maximum of 10 temporary accounts active.
  • The accounts activate for a maximum period of until 10 days.


In this screen see a summary of the accounts generated and the date until which will remain active.




Although screen of creation of temporary users only demands three data (name, key and period), is very recommended to fill the optional data (NIF or similar and email of the invited).




The temporary user answers to the format invited@LOCAL

For the configuration of the wifi facilitates access to the page with instructions, although it fits to remember that it can receive assistance of the personnel situated in the rooms of free access (Library, Aulario I and Polytechnical).






Al configurar el acceso a la WIFI, se debe tener en cuenta que el sufijo @LOCAL es en mayúsculas







Specific options for personnel of administration and services






¿How it gives of high to a new student?

  1. Enter his number of identification .
  2. Enter his personal post (indispensable for the system automated of renewal of passwords ).
  3. Activate high .

It will assign him an institutional post (command ) to the student.


Alta of alumnado



¿How it gives of high to a new student and assigns him an appointment of matrícula?

  1. It gives of high the file in Universitas XXI.
  2. They enter the dates of the previous appointment in CV Other Services >> Alumnado >> Students >> Look for >> DATE MATRÍCULA
  3. Use the button of direct access to "Alta of Alumnado".
  4. Enter his number of identification.
  5. Enter his personal post (indispensable for the system automated of renewal of passwords ).
  6. Activate high.


For the students that arrive from the preinscripción of Degree and of PREINSUA,
It will not be necessary to use this procedure, since it is automated.


¿How I insert the personal post of a student?


  1. Contrast the identity of the student.
  2. Look for to the student (distinct criteria: identification, post UA, name or surnames).
  3. Edit .
  4. Enter his personal post.
  5. Confirm .



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