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Mark Record Sheets

It allows the insertion of qualifications with digital signature
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Mark record sheets

In this option displays mark record sheets. When selecting a course, teachers are displayed a sheet to enter the student's marks.

If you miss any mark record sheet, contact your department secretary's office.


Each mark record sheet contains th efollowing data:

  • Academic year.
  • Type of study programme: 1st and 2nd cycle degrees, PhD degrees or UA own courses.
  • Course: Code and name.
  • Group: Code and name
  • Examination session that will be displayed on the exam record sheet.

    C1: extraordinary Proofs of ending of studies (December).
    C2: ordinary Proofs for asignaturas 1er. cuatrimestre/Semester.
    C3: ordinary Proofs for asignaturas 2º cuatrimestre/semester and annual.
    C4: extraordinary Proofs for all the asignaturas.

  • Order: Number of order of the record.
  • The order zero corresponds to the ordinary records.
  • The numbers of upper order correspond to announcements of grace that have to be awarded by rule.

  • Date: opening of the record.
  • State: open or closed by the professor.


Qualification of the record

In each line appear the data of the/the student and a box of text to enter the numerical note.


The smart desplegable only has to be used to put NO PRESENTED or MATRÍCULA OF HONOUR.

It is necessary to Save Changes so that the qualifications save permanently.

It is possible that when saving the data produce an error of validation of data (e.g. a numerical note of 7 and a qualification of Matrícula of Honour). It will appear a message informing of the cause of the error. When pressing the button Go back will appear in colour red the erroneous values. Has to correct and go back to save the data.

¿What mean the columns that appear in this screen?

  • Student: DNI/NIE and name.
  • Type asignatura: Typology of the asignatura for each student.
  • Announcement: Number of announcements consumed by the/the student.
  • Note: numerical Qualification.

    In the decimal figures has to use the point (.) To separate the whole part and the decimal.
    The qualification only can express a decimal (access to rule).
    If it uses the file excel to go up the qualifications, consult the following section of this help.

  • Qualification: literal Qualification. It is smart desplegable only has to be used to put NO PRESENTED or MATRÍCULA OF HONOUR.
    Rule on Matrículas of Honour.

  • Inc : The/the student presents an incompatibility with another asignatura.
  • Bloq.: The file is blocked.

Qualification of ordinary records by means of file Excel

It is possible to describe a record by means of a file Excel (xls).

To download the lines of record to a file Excel, has to press the button Load/Download file. It will appear a window in which it will have to choose save the file or open it directly. Any one of the two actions will give like result a file Excel with the lines of the record in which it find at present.

Nevertheless it can use a file Excel (format xls) that contain these four columns:

  • Column 1: it Appoint student.
  • Column 2: Number of identification (remember, without letter of NIF).
  • Column 3: numerical Note.

    If it has worked during the course with an own file, ensure that the value that goes to go up has been rounded (function ROUND), to guarantee an only decimal (access to rule).

  • Column 4: Qualification of the student. It corresponds to the literal qualification.

It leave this column in white. Only it has to be used to put NO PRESENTED or MATRÍCULA OF HONOUR, using this nomenclature:

- Matrícula Of Honour: MH
- No presented in ancient plans, másteres ancient and doctorate: NP
- No presented in degrees and másteres new: SP


The file Excel can contain more students of which correspond to the group.

The system will insert the notes that correspond to the group and will inform of which has not been able to insert.

Of this form can fill successively the distinct groups of an asignatura with an only file.


If it works with files .xlsx Do not forget to save them eat .xls

By means of the button Examine, has to select the file situated in a local directory. Afterwards it has to press the button Describe .

If the qualification is correct will appear a screen that indicates it. Has to press the button Go back to return to the screen of qualification of records.

If they produce errors in the qualification of some line of record will appear a screen where will detail the errors, identifying each line of record with the DNI and the name of the/the student. The lines of record that have not had errors will record , that is to say, that only will be necessary to describe, the next time, the lines of record that have suffered error.

¿Why I can not describe to a/to student?

This tool allows to identify the cause by which does not appear a/to student in a determinate record or by which can not describe (e.g. because it is not enrolled/to in this group, because it is not enrolled/to in the asignatura, because the matrícula has been cancelled or has the file blocked).

Has to look for to the student to obtain information on the cause.

It is necessary to enter in the form any of the criteria of research.

The best option of research is, if it knows , the document.

If it enters the name, will appear a list of students with this name. Selecting to a person will show the cause by which does not show or that prevents the qualification.

If it appears a message that indicates that there are a lot of students with the data entered, please, restrict the research.

If the data entered do not coincide with any student, will appear a message indicating it.


Closing of the record

The closing of the record does definite the qualifications of the same and is an indispensable previous requirement for his signature.

When Closing Record will appear a window of alert asking if it is sure/to. If it presses OK the record will close .

So that a record can close is necessary that all the lines of this record are described.

To modify qualifications in an enclosed record, has to head to the office of the responsible Centre of the plan of studies to the that belong the asignatura.

Schedules, data of contact and webs of the Centres .



It collects the number and the percentage of students by qualification.

The data that shows this screen are the following:

  • Qualification.
  • Percentage: Of students that have obtained each qualification.
  • Nº Students: That have obtained each qualification.
  • Totals.
  • Incompatible total: Nº of lines of record with incompatible qualifications.

Qualification and closing of individual records

The individual records generate for the groups of asignatura of indefinite length. This characteristic is determined by the responsible Centre of the study to the that belongs the asignatura.

These records have a separate gestión of the rest of asignaturas: they do not require of an opening centralised previous and treats of records that contain to an alone person (e.g. records of project end of career).

Describe an individual record requires to realise a research. The research can realise by student and asignatura or only by asignatura to be able to recover several students to describe.

To look for individual records have to enter some criterion of research in the block "personal Data", in the block "Data of the asignatura" or in both.

This is the main screen of qualification of the individual records.

In the inferior table of the page appear the records of the/ace students. In each line appear data associated to the/the student in addition to a box of text to enter the numerical note and some smart desplegables to select the year of qualification, the announcement and the qualification. In the field Notices has to enter the numerical notes. This note, if they admit decimal numbers, will have to contain a point (.) To separate the whole part and the decimal part.

In the field year of qualification has to enter the academic course in which surtirá effect the qualification entered.

In the field Conv. Have to enter the announcement in which surtirá effect the qualification entered.

In the field Qualification have to enter the qualifications of each student selecting a value of the list. This field can leave in white, except if the literal qualification does not carry rigged any numerical qualification, as for example, in the case of the No presented.

It is necessary to press the button Save Changes so that the qualifications save permanently. It is possible that when saving the data produce an error of validation of data of the qualifications entered. If sucede this, will appear a message informing of the cause of the error. When pressing the button Go back will appear in colour red the values entered in the fields Notices and Qualification of the erroneous registers. Has to correct and go back to save the data. This sucederá until all the registers are correct.


Data showed in each individual record:

  • Student: DNI and name.
  • Asignatura: Code and name.
  • Plan: Code and name.
  • File.
  • Plan: Code of the plan is studies of the/the student.
  • Year matrícula: Course of registration.
  • State: State of the line of record.
  • Bloq.: Activated if the file is blocked .
  • Inc.: Activated if the qualification entered is incompatible.
  • Year qualification: Year of qualification that will have to enter the professor/to.
  • Announcement: Announcement that will have to enter the professor/to.
  • Note: numerical Qualification that it will have to enter the professor/to
  • Qualification: literal Qualification that can/has to select the professor/to.


To close an individual record has to press the icon of the padlock that appears to the right of each line. Only they will be able to close the records that have been described previously.

To be able to modify the qualifications of the alumnado included in an enclosed record, will have to head to the office of the centre (Faculty or School) manager of the plan of studies to that it belong the asignatura.


Card of coordinates for the signature of records

To sign the records uses a card of similar coordinates to the banking.

Each card contains a nº of identification and 30 keys of 3 digits.

The PDI collects the first card in the office of his Department. If it was necessary, the following will collect them in the office of the Centre.

The card has to be activated in UA Cloud: CV Other services >> Utilities >> Card of coordinates >> Activate new. Only it requires to enter theº n of the card and the key requested.

Like additional measure of security, the PDI receives a SMS and a post informing him of the activation of the card.

Neither the Dpto. Neither the Centre register information on which card deliver to each PDI.

The PDI is responsible of the custody of the card. It does not have to yield it neither leave it in sight of anybody.

We recommend to annotate theº n of identification of the card for desactivarla in case of loss, subtraction or doubts on the integrity of the security.


Electronic signature of records

After the introduction of qualifications the record has to be closed by the PDI. From the announcement of June of 2013 no longer is necessary to expect to the administrative closing. The record can sign immediately, without waits, whenever there are not incompatibilities .


After selecting academic course and "Obtain records", has of a complete listing with the records that the PDI has assigned for the signature.

Once that it accesses to the record, in the inferior part has to enter the key of a coordinate of the card and confirm.



To initiate a diligencia the PDI has to head to the office of his Centre.

The office will enter the corresponding modification in the already signed record.

The original record will be cancelled and the PDI will have of a new record to sign with the diligencia incorporated.

The records diligenciadas will show in the same menu but in a different block to facilitate his identification.

In Seeing records signed stores a listing of the records signed, included those that have been modified successively and are NO VALID.

Schedules, data of contact and webs of the Centres




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