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UACloud new apps and tool new versions

Guest WI-FI service through the UACloud new user management




Novedad en Actas: Para editar las calificaciones oficiales será necesario utilizar la tarjeta de coordenadas.


Se implementa este requisito adicional siguiendo las recomendaciones del Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) que aconsejan implantar un doble factor de autenticación en áreas sensibles.

Novedades en la aplicación de Tutorías


  Se han implementado estas mejoras en Tutorías:

  El profesorado puede añadir periodos en el horario de tutorías presenciales

  Se podrá incluir el código SIUA de la estancia donde se realizarán las tutorías presenciales.

  El profesorado podrá incluir una observación cuando confirme una tutoría presencial o una videotutoría.


New application in UACloud: educational Surveys

New application that will allow to realise educational surveys.

In this page of the Vicerrectorado of Quality and Educational Innovation can find all the information on the campaign of surveys of opinion of the alumnado on the development of the teaching. A new computer development will allow próximamente to the profesorado express his opinion about the course in each one of his asignaturas.

UACloud Incorporates a tool to save markers

Now you can add all the Markers that consider timely in UACloud.

To add and manage the Markers has to access to My Options. The markers can order simply dragging in screen each ítem.

If the marker belongs to a tool with system of access UA, will access directly to this tool, since the user already has identified . You can use them to organise you the access to determinate applications of UACloud.

Novelties in the preparation of the educational guides

The new application, fruit of the work of the Service of Computing with the support of the Service of Tongues, contributes the following novelties:
%u2013 It deletes the cronograma of educational guide of the asignatura. This does not prevent that, to internal level, the academic commissions of Degree or Máster that like this consider it, can recommend to the profesorado that coordinate the dates of the distinct activities of evaluation.

%u2013 It will not be necessary to describe the educational methodology (are theoretical or practical classes).

%u2013 The gestión of the bibliography and of the visible electronic links in the guide will correspond to the responsible person of the asignatura.

-The guides of the current course 16/17 have copied for the 17/18

Brief curriculum

Available a version abbreviated of the curriculum vitae, through the web, in him groups information on the profesorado up to now disperses in the web of the UA and in his databases.

To configure the CV abbreviated has to follow the route UACloud > CV Other Services > Investigation > Curriculum > My Brief > curriculum curriculum > Edit

The and-Adm incorporates the electronic notification

Recently it has incorporated the electronic notification in the field of the University of Alicante.

Each tramitador can select a determinate rank of subjects, that is linked to his administrative unit. Once created the notification, the date of disposal is to the 00:00 hours of the following day and the date of caducity is of 10 natural days.

The member of the university community receives a message when it remits him a notification (to the 00:00 hours of the day of the disposal, 5 days before and 1 day before the caducity):

The citizen also receives a warning in the centre of notifications of UACloud (right upper corner).

The citizen can access to the notification by four distinct roads:

  • From the email.
  • From the icon (bell) of notifications.
  • From and-Administration, in the menu of notifications.
  • From a file that have generated a notification, for example a file of scholarships UA.
Nuevo trámite electrónico: Solicitud de títulos propios de la UA


Nuevo trámite que permite solicitar los títulos de planes propios de la Universidad de Alicante. Este nuevo procedimiento incluye los títulos propios de máster, especialista y experto.

Este trámite electrónico solo estará disponible para el alumnado con fecha de finalización de estudios en el curso académico 2012-13  o posteriores.


Se renueva la herramienta "Mi alumnado"


Se ha renovado la aplicación consiguiendo una mejora en el tiempo y una adaptaión en dispositivos móviles.

La mejora más destacable es la que permite al profesorado guardar listados personalizados


Nuevo trámite electrónico: Acreditación de conocimientos de valenciano


La administración electrónica incorpora este trámite que permite al alumnado obtener un certificado de acreditación de conocimientos de valenciano.

New electronic formality: Application of cession of data of personal character

It substitutes the traditional formality in paper by a formality normalised in the frame of the electronic Administration.

In Data has to concretise, p.ej. Name, postal address , email, etc.
If it requests email has to read thoroughly the considerations of the Smart section of Post.

In Format has to indicate if the information wants it in Excel, Access, Labels, List of post (only for Email), etc.

In Conditions of selection has to specify the community (profesorado, students, PAS, etc.) and the criteria, e.g. students enrolled in the course 2016-17 in first of the Degrees of Right, Sociology and Humanities.

Novelty in the electronic Administration: electronic Notifications

The past 26 October approved the Regulation of electronic notification of the University of Alicante (BOUA of 28/10/2016).

The Electronic Headquarters is preparing the technological resources that will allow to implant in brief the electronic notification.

In this entrance go to expose in brief the utility that will allow to the PAS issue electronic notifications from UACloud >> eAdministración.

Novelty in UACloud - Evaluation: The collected of practical can realise in an alone operation

In Evaluation >> Deliver has of the utility Export to UADrive. All the documents delivered by the students will group in a folder of UADrive.

After the export, in UADrive, the profesorado can download all the deliveries at the same time. Only it has to press with the right button in the folder and use the option of download. This option generates a file compressed in which they will find all the practices delivered (until this moment).

New electronic formality: Certificate of training

Following with the strategy of development of UACloud, has launched a new functionality, Certified of Training, that will allow to the Personnel of Administration and Services generate the diplomas of the courses managed by the unit of Training and Internationalisation of the PAS as well as obtain a certificate of the courses that are recorded in the personal file of training


Query of dates of examinations and other proofs of evaluation

Already they can consult the dates of official examinations and proofs of evaluation of integrated way.

  • The official examinations are managed by the Faculties.
  • The proofs of evaluation are programmed by the profesorado.

It is essential to take into account that the official examinations show whenever have assigned classroom, date and hours of realisation. In contrary case, will not show . The user would have to contrast this information with the information published in the web (searcher of asignaturas).

New electronic formality: Certificate of external practices

This new formality, that does not require the payment of taxes, allows to the alumnado obtain a certificate by each one of the companies in which it have realised external practices.

Gestión of identities for the PDI

The administrative personnel with destination in Departments and university Institutes has access to this tool, with the specific permissions to manage the identity of the profesorado ascribed to his Dpto./Inst.

The gestión of identity has two functions:

  • Alta: Activate the electronic identity, so that the PDI can access to UACloud and has an account of post with the command (the system will send a message to the personal post of the PDI, so that this generate for the first time his password: system automated of renewal of the password).

  • Modify: Insert when it was necessary the personal post of the PDI, so that this can manage his password of autonomous way (system automated of renewal of the password).
Novelties in UACloud: Service of Invited to the Wifi through the App Gestión of identities

All the profesorado and the PAS can generate until 10 temporary users simultaneous for the access to the wifi of the UA. Each one of the accounts will be able to have a force of until 10 days

Renewal of the tool Debate

It incorporates to UACloud this tool of educational interaction, that allowed to the profesorado create forums of discussion with his alumnado.

Like novelty, no only will be able to use in the teaching and in the groups of work, but they can share with any member of the university community.

New formality and-administration: Document of agreement of practices

It has incorporated to the electronic Administration a new formality Document of Agreement of Practices

Novelty in UACloud: Practices in companies

This new tool allows the gestión and the follow-up of the practices in companies. Practices in company integrates the tools of available communication in UACloud: Announcements, tutorías, messages, groups of work and share documentation

New application in UACloud: Schedules

Available with the schedules of alumnado and profesorado

It allows the export of the schedules, global or divided, for his utilisation in other utilities or devices.

Novelties in UACloud: UACloud for mobile and Tool of help to the detection of plagiarism

In accordance with the strategy of development of UACloud, have launched 2 notable novelties:

  • UACloud For mobile. It allows to access to all the services that offers our UACloud from the mobile devices (+info)
  • Tool of help to the detection of plagiarism. It allows the detection of similarities in the written or potential works copies. (+info)
New application in UACloud: Gestión of identities

The tool of Gestión of identities will allow to the academic offices

  1. Give of high to the students.
  2. Insert the personal post of the students when they do not remember his password.

This tool complements to the new system of renewal of passwords.

When a/to student do not remember his password and neither know the alternative personal post included in his profile, will have to contact with the corresponding office and identify so that the office include it.

Novelty in UACloud: Evaluation

In CV Other services existed two groups of tools of evaluation: objective Proofs and Controls.

This new app substitutes them in UACloud: Here the profesorado will be able to assign tests, partial, deliveries of practices and controls calculated.

Questionnaires integrates in UACloud

The tool Questionnaires allows the collected of information via web. The uses are very varied and go from the realisation of surveys and sondeo, the creation of administrative forms of all type to the realisation of on-line tests.

There are new functionalities and the interface has small changes, but basically will follow working as it did up to now in the version 2 of Questionnaires

Between the novelties can stand out :

  • English version. When it was timely will be able to create the English version of a form, for example for registrations of international congresses.
  • Questionnaires in PDF. They can incorporate automatically questionnaires of type test (for options of radio) maquetados in documents PDF.
  • Adaptation to mobile devices.
New electronic formality: Certificate of matrícula

The electronic administration incorporates this formality that allows to the alumnado obtain a certificate of matrícula of each degree or course.

New electronic formality: Certificate of tutela of practices

The electronic administration incorporates this formality that allows to the profesorado obtain a certificate (by academic courses) of the works of tutela and academic supervision of the formative practices.

Novelty in UACloud: Smart University

The tool SmartUA has created with the following aims:

  • Improve the quality of life of the university community.
  • Serve of interconnection between the people and systems to achieve an elder aprovechamiento of resources.
  • Locate and visualise, of simple way, all the information generated.
  • Put said information to disposal of the community.
New applications and new versions of tools in UACloud


UA has launched the following new features:

New apps: Student Support, IT Project Portfolio and Work Groups

New versions: Ads, Tutorials, UADrive and Student Info Sheet

New UACloud app: IT Project Portfolio


This new app allows potential promoters (vice presidents, directors, comptroller, deans and administrators) to apply for projects and make their follow-up. Other users can access the project general reports from 2014.

New UACloud app: Students


This application allows users to access to services offered by the Student Support Centre (SSC)

Course syllabus digital signature


Syllabi are included in the Teacher's Guide and the terms for completion are established every academic year.

New online procedures: language accreditation and credit recognition


UA eAdministration incorporates two new online procedures that allow users to apply for language accreditation and credit recognition.

These two applications were available in VC Further Services >> Virtual Office >> Student Academic Record.

New application in UACloud: academic File

This application collects the tools that were available in CV Other services >> virtual Office >> File.

New electronic formality: Certificate of tutela of works and projects of end of studies


The electronic administration incorporates this formality that allows to the profesorado obtain a certificate of the works end of Degree and Máster tutelados in the UA. By defect issues a certificate with all the works tutelados, but the user can select a rank of dates determined.

Publish and share material audivisual of Vertex


We can publish and share audiovisual material of Vertex with
- alumnado,
- Other mates (PAS or PDI) or, even...

- With all the personnel of the UA (limited to the one who have access to UACloud).

So much for loose videos as for collections of Vertex, by means of the option "Manage Publications" of Vertex, have of the options of publication
  -UADrive, and
  -UACloud - Inner visibility (users UACloud)

New electronic formality: Certificate of direction of thesis


The electronic administration incorporates this formality that allows to obtain a certificate of the theses directed in the UA. By defect issues a certificate with all the theses, but the user can select a rank of dates determined.

New electronic formality: Certificates and diplomas of courses of specialisation


In this formality the applicant has to choose between a certificate, that can collect multiple courses, or a diploma, that necessarily will correspond to an alone course.

In screen will appear a listing of all the available courses so that the user realise the pertinent selection.




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