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The purpose of this utility is that teaching the curriculum information can modify and complete face to the Model Curriculum Vitae standard ( CVN ).

The CVN model generates a document in pdf format that may not be retouched or correct (unlike the models of the CICYT and the Ministry of education).

To conform to the data of teaching that incorporates the CVN has created this option which also allows correct the following disadvantages:

  • He is not available in our databases of information about teaching taught outside the UA.
  • When a subject is common to several qualifications it is not possible to tell exactly in what or which of these degrees has taught teaching.
  • Failure to indicate the language in which the subject is taught.
  • Only have information in our databases of teaching given from certain academic courses.
  • It is not possible to fill in other information required in the CVN (autonomous region, type of entity, city, Region...).

Therefore, to bring teaching in CVN teachers must import the teaching imparted in each academic year. In case of any of the above situations deficiencies in information can correct from the choice of editing.


To complete the CVN available information on teaching has to be imported to the Virtual Campus. On the first access to this tool the teaching curriculum is completely empty. I.e., in principle not have subjects that show until the researcher import them.

Initially it is recommended to choose to import the data from all academic courses.

Once you click on "All" you get a list of subjects, in which each subject gathers the last academic year in which it was given and the number of times that it has been given. These are the two main data controlled by the system.

After pressing the "Import" button the selected information will tip it in the curriculum.

In any case, to carry out further imports are respected the modifications introduced by the teacher.

System will warn the user if it detects that it has changed the last course or the number of times that the subject has been taught (normally this will happen to the passing of a new academic year).

Information that is framed in red will be imported into the registration of CVN, thus updating the data of that subject.


This option can be incorporated data subjects or courses which does not have any information in corporate databases. This tab has been expanded with all the data required by CVN .

Once completed, to record the information, press the "Add" button.


Since this option is accessed the file of any subject imported or added to correct any data.

Each record can have three different States: imported, modified or added, depending on the final use made of the same.

The data modified by the user are not deleted when a new import. If there is modified data to import data from a course system warns the user.

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