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Future developments

With all the suggestions that have made us reach through the suggestions page enabled for this or other avenues of the University, has tried to answer all these and develop what they requested and which is viable. The application, and you're seeing not let grow and improve. He is studying each of the improvements that we planteáis, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Add more modules of Virtual Campus.
  • Add a zone that indicates us the summary of information from our Virtual Campus, i.e. total materials and which are pending download, tutorials made and answered, in the menu of Virtual Campus...
  • Customize the menu of Virtual Campus, allowing to show only options that interest us and hiding the rest.
  • Generate a notification system to let us know:
    • When a tutoring has been made or answered.
    • When it has received a rating.
    • When a new material has been added.
  • Access to the bibliography of the subjects and link with the library.

What will bring you the new version?

Because Yes, we have just published a new version and are already thinking that improvements we can add you to the application to improve it. The new version, 2.4, by now envisages to bring the following improvements:

  • New system less intrusive information refresh.
  • Changed some graphics that adapt to the resolution of the new iPad.
    • Modified access to Virtual Campus to access information is not saved.
    • Added notices in the main menu to numbers on the options mode. Students will tell you for downloading materials and faculty tutoring unanswered and the total number of materials to which you have access.
      • You can download the documents attached to the tutorials.
      • Lets you configure whether you want to or not to tell us with a balloon when there are tutorials for answering.
      • The commentary of teachers added to performed deliveries.
      • Fixed the problem of qualifications.
    • HOURS:
      • Fixed a graphic issue.
      • Modification of the module to enable sync on iOs 6.
      • Modification of the module to display the information in a more visual way.
    • Possibility of sharing the documents downloaded with other applications.

If you have more suggestions, do not hesitate and send us them as soon as possible.

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