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Frequently asked questions

On this page we will be hanging the most recurring questions that we do on the application for mobile of the University of Alicante.


Not find access to webmail

Logical, does not exist. We do not believe that this application is the best place to check your webmail, or so we have never tried. This application attempts to provide you the information of the University and give you better access to the Virtual Campus. We understand that there are many email application for mobile phones that let you better manage mail from the account of the University so that we could offer you. We encourage you explores the application of your mobile store and try them.

Missing notifications do not think that it would improve much?

Well Yes, missing notifications and it greatly. We have been studying, but needs some infrastructure servers and level of very large implementation that, right now, we cannot afford. If the application has its acceptance and continuous improvements, it could be that in following versions we can create all the necessary infrastructure, but today it is very complicated.

Some paragraph block the implementation or closes

Possibly due to an error on our part. You must understand that it is an application that affects more than 35,000 people, each with a very heterogeneous information and that it is impossible to prove absolutely all modules with all possible casuistry. There are times that it is our problem, other times the problem is that the information we have is not consistent. In these cases we should be grateful if you update contact us so that we can study the problem and correct it as soon as possible. In fact have already some students commenting us problems and them we have been solving. If something does not work, comment us to improve it.

The iPhone version has many more modules as for Android

Yes, it is true, the iPhone version more modules as for Android. But you must understand that the development of iPhone takes him a partner in his spare time because he likes, the version of Android is now stop and only corrects errors that are detected. There is currently no budget for these applications and much takes place at home in spare time. As always, we have pointed out here, keep in mind that, although the only Android version has the schedule and tutorials, you have two modules more than virtually any other Spanish University has (in Android exceeds US only the Universidad Alfonso X, which has focused exclusively on this platform and it's a private University).

When will a version for my mobile?

Now, as I have said there is no budget for new developments, there is no planned new versions.


In the new version (2.3) of iUA have disappeared me the application documents

Indeed, in this version Apple has demanded us change all file system to adapt to new requirements. Therefore the documents already are not saved in the same directory, and to upgrade the application to the new version you will disappear.


Error "No found profiles for this user"

In certain cases when trying to enter Virtual Campus from the application Android UA appears the message "No profiles for this user found".

The way to solve this problem is to change form (login and password) by other any data, even if they are incorrect, try to enter, and after obtaining an authentication error re-enter the correct data. With this it should work correctly.

We are working to solve this problem in future updates.


How do I delete a tutoring?

Since the first version of the program, are you eliminates tutorials, for what is still the same "formula" than in the rest of the iPhone applications. You can simply move a finger on mentoring to delete from left to right to show us the button "Remove" tutoring.

Imagen que muestra como eliminar una tutoría en iUA

In the following link you leave a video explaining "comfortable" way as a tutoring can be eliminated by click here to see the video.


Materials not refresh something goes wrong?

Many people have told us that the materials do not refresh in the application, and we have to tell you that it is not true. The problem is that the refreshment of materials is a very expensive operation, so it only launches automatically if it detects that there is no material on the subject. Once we have detected that there is already material, only again to be updated at the request of the user moving the list down until "firing" the option "Refresh". Thus, if you want to consult one of the materials that you have already downloaded not you'll have to wait to update the materials.

We are working on a new way of updating of modules that isn't intrusive (that don't it wait for the load in order to work with the content that you have downloaded) in the next release we will use it in the modules of tutorials and materials which are more costly upgrades and we will be trying to use it in all modules.

Como actualizar los materiales en iUA

How do I access the materials previously downloaded?

Once you have downloaded a material, stays in your device and you can browse without having to download it, even in places where you have not got Internet access. To access it, you have two possibilities:

  1. Access through the main documents, where are stored the documents the application download.
  2. Access the VIRTUAL CAMPUS option until the download screen and press the button that appears in the upper right corner. This button will take you directly to the download folder where the document is saved.

Imagen con el listado de materiales disponibles y el acceso a la carpeta donde se descarga

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