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¿I can be coordinator of a GITE and to his time, belong to another?

Yes, as long as your agreement of professor was to complete time. In this case you have to indicate partial dedication (50%) in each GITE.


In the application for the creation of the GITE, included several professors with total dedication (100%) and however, in Virtual Campus appear with partial dedication (50%). ¿It is been due to an error?

The dedication of a professor to a GITE is directly related with the type of labour agreement that have. If a professor has an agreement part time, the dedication to the GITE has to be partial (50%). This does not involve that this professor devote more or less time to the GITE, if no that indicates that it computes for the global calculation of the same with 0,5 Etc. By this same reason, only can belong simultaneously to two GITE the professors with agreement to complete time.

According to the %u201CRule for the recognition of GITE of the University of Alicante%u201D:

%u201CTwo professors part time will give place to 1 Etc. A professor to complete time with dedication shared in two GITEs will give place to 0,5 ETC in each one of them.%u201D


¿Have to request it TIES it and the ATP every year or renew automatically?

Since the announcements of helps to the GITE have annual character, every year has to repeat all the process. The accreditations can not renew automatically, since the conditions of granting of the same can vary.


For the application of TIES it, ¿have to fill the index cards (educational guides) of asignaturas without teaching?

For the application of the Technological Accreditation of the Asignatura (TIE) only will take into account the asignaturas with teaching in the POI. Therefore, if an asignatura does not appear in the POI does not have felt to request TIES it.


I am trying to request it TIES it for an asignatura of which am the coordinator, but do not appear me data in Virtual Campus. ¿What can do?

The period of application of TIES it is used to open the last week of September. Can request the accreditation for asignaturas of the second cuatrimestre of the previous academic course and for asignaturas of the first cuatrimestre or annual of the current academic course. If in the application of Virtual Campus does not appear the asignatura, the first that has to try is, select the previous academic year (in case it went an asignatura of the second cuatrimestre). It is necessary to take into account that, is possible that, in the previous academic course the manager of the asignatura went another, in whose case, would have to request the accreditation said person.

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¿When I can give of high or of drop to a member of a GITE?

The components computables of a GITE, that is to say, the PDI, only can be given of high or of drop in the period established for this. (When it goes out the annual announcement, roughly in March). The rest of profiles that can form part of a GITE (scholars, students, PAS and external personnel to the UA) can be given of high or of drop anytime, sending an email to .


If a professor PDI that belonged to a GITE has changed his contractual relation with the University, so that it no longer is PDI and the announcement is closed%u2026 ¿computes for the global calculations of the ATP?

Since the professor can not be given of drop until the following announcement, will keep on being computable to all the effects. However, this professor will not be able to request the ATP since it understands like accreditation of personal character.


¿When I can request the modification of data of the GITE, like the inclusion of a logo, a web page, or the description of the same?

Anytime it can request the modification of data of the GITE, as long as they are not referents to the high or drop of PDI in the group. For this sends a post to .


¿How they will process the relative data to the production of articles, the participation in congresses and public projects, related with the educational innovation?

Through Virtual Campus will facilitate a tool, available for the coordinators of each GITE, in which they will appear all the data of members of the group that are given of high in the Curriculum Vitae of Virtual Campus. The coordinator will be the attendant to select which contributions are related with the educational innovation.


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