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UA Style Guide

This guide is based on the document University of Alicante's Regulations for Corporate Visual Identity published by the Graphical Corporate Image & Communication Office and its aim is to preserve a homogeneous and distinct graphic image of corporate webpages. Observance of these guidelines on the part of  the designers of webpages is essential for the proper operation of the global web corporate image.

  • General recommendations for the development of Web pages which have served as the basis both at the time of  the University of Alicante's corporate web design and the organization of information on the Web. Go to "General Recommendations"
  • Structure of web pages with corporate format : how to structure the web at different levels within the hierarchy of pages. Access to the structure of the pages .
  • Websites without corporate format
  • UA Logo : A collection of logos in different sizes, colors and provisions. Access to section "UA Logo".
  • Corporate colors : 6 corporate colors are displayed with their hexadecimal and decimal RGB codes. Access to "corporate colors" .
  • Font Information concerning the font to use in the corporate pages. Access to "Typography" .
  • Graphic elements (old)
  • Document Information (old)
  • Document Structure (old)
  • Document main language: information on changing the language of the document. Access the help section "Changing the language of the browser" .
  • links (old)
  • Pictures and images (should the tutorial for Vualà images be redirected?)
  • Page makeup (tables should not be used as before. Is this option neccessary? it should be redirected to Vualà tutorial> use 2 or 3 columns)
  • Accessibility : Law 34/2002, of July 11, Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services. Go to "Accessibility".
  • TAW: set of tools for the analysis of websites accessibility, reaching a comprehensive and global approach to all the items and pages integrating it. Access to the Web Accessibility Test (TAW).

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