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General Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for making Web pages which have served as the basis both of the University of Alicante's corporate web design and the organization of information on its Website.

  • The inclusion of Java objects, multimedia objects or connectors that need to be activated in order to prevent proper viewing of the page, should only be used when it is indispensable. 
  • The inclusion of graphics should be examined in relation to load times, that would be necessary if access to the page is done through low-speed connections.
  • In this sense and to foster a comfortable reading of the page, its content should not be extensive, being the most favorable case when the pages can be read without using the scroll bars.
  • If you need to publish graphics or files of considerable size, you should report of its size in bytes for the user to assess waiting times.
  • The use of graphic elements common to multiple pages, helps load these pages to take advantage of the cache incorporated by viewers.
  • The documents to which access is restricted to members of the university community will be identified with a special icon (icon-lock)
  • Access to pages containing "...Under construction", should be avoided.
  • Also, you should check your pages to avoid errors like "... File not found" and periodically review the links that appear in them.
  • Please note that many users can save any type of page, in their their bookmarks, so they should be clearly identified as UA corporate pages.
  • Most search engines use the information described in the "Title", "Description" and "Keywords." Follow the recommendations displayed on the VUALÀ Web Publication Guide.
  • In the case of publishing e-books, it is very common to provide links allowing the download of such documents in any of the most frequent formats (pdf, rtf, ...).  If there size is considerable, then we recommend that you should use a data compression system.
  • Avoid changing the URLs of your pages, keep in mind that some visitors may have recorded the address in their bookmarks, so that subsequent accesses will produce an error message. If this change was inevitable, keep a page with the old URL that redirects to the new address.
  • Check that your document does not contain incorrect links and displays correctly with different viewers and different versions (Mozilla, Explorer ,...). It is also very convenient to check the page looks on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Unix ,...) and several client settings (800x600, 640x480, 16 bit color, 24 bits ,...)


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