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DOM (Document Object Model)

The model of object of document (DOM) is an interface of programming for the documents HTML and XML. It facilitates a representation structured of the document and define of which way the programs can access, finally to modify, so much his structure, style and content. The DOM gives a representation of the document like a group of nodes and objects structured that have properties and methods. Essentially, it connects the pages web to scripts or programming languages.

A page web is a document. This document can exhibit in the window of a browser or also like code source HTML. But, in the two cases, is the same document. The model of object of document (DOM) provides other forms to present, saves and manipulate this same document. The DOM is an entirely oriented representation so as to the page web and can be modified with a language of script and JavaScript.

The W3C DOM standard forms the base of the operation of the DOM in a lot of modern browsers. Several browsers offer extensions further of the standard W3C, it is necessary to go with extreme care when using them in the web, since the documents can be consulted by browsers that have DOMs different.

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