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To set filters in Outlook should be the option Message Rules/Mail menu Tools .


A window appears where you can specify the rules of the messages we want to filter.

To do this click on New .



In the next window the four basic steps to configure the rule. First we list the conditions. Usually indicates a range of specific words in the subject

message, but can also indicate conditions as recipients, the message priority and size, for example.

If you select the word out in case a line in Table 3 with a link marked " contains the words specified "

we must press.



In this way we will see a new window with these words indicate. After entering each word, we must press Add . The options button is used to indicate if we filter out messages containing words or not containing, or to match all the specified words, and so on.



Now we must specify the actions to take to the new rule.

can delete messages that meet the rule, move to a specific folder,

mark as read, etc.. As an example we will move the messages to be filtered into another folder.

Again in Table 3 a line with a link to indicate the specified folder.

must click on it.



A window that allows us to select the folder where these messages move.

If we want a new folder, first click the button marked as such.


Finally we must give a name to the rule in paragraph 4 and click OK . In this case we have called spam .



Appears again, indicating the initial window, but we have a rule defined. With the right botonera can modify the rule, make a copy so you can change without altering the original, delete, etc..

We can change the priority of rules in the case of multiple,

with buttons Up and Download .




Another option we offer is the Outlook to block certain senders.

Messages that come from these senders will be removed automatically.

This option is found in the third tab. We must press Add to add a new sender.




Now we requested the email address of the sender can either enter a domain, so that all the senders that come from that domain are blocked.

can also select, in addition to emails, the news, if you use this Internet service.



Once we click OK appears the list of blocked senders if we want to add more or amend that we have entered. Just click on subtracts OK .



Finally there should be a test of message filters that we have defined

sending an email to us to include in the message subject any of the words

specified in the rules.