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To set filters in Netscape must go to the Message Filters option in the Tools menu .



We see a window where we create a new filter by clicking on the button New .


Once we have a window screen filter rules, you must first give it a name, eg " spam . The purpose of the filter is to identify specific messages that do not wish to receive, for it must establish that those messages whose subject contains certain words are filtered. We may also filter messages that do not contain certain words or are just starting with something or any word, and so on. You can also filter according to the sender, or date, or a copy (CC), etc..


In this case we use the most is that the filter on words contained in the case as can be "money " or "power . Each time you enter a word will have to click on More to the next.


Once the messages to filter, we must decide what to do with them. As the most important actions we have to delete the message and transferred directly to a specific folder. For this last option can, for example, click on New Folder and create a so-called "spam " where to direct all filtered messages.

Then click OK and we have defined our filter.


As we see the filter has been defined and enabled. If we only need to modify press Edition to return to the window of the rules.

We can create new filters for each type of message you want to filter, and can change their order using the Move according to the priority that we assign.


Once completed click on OK .

Alternatively we can use to expedite the creation of filters on the senders that send spam is the following: once we get put on the mailing address of the sender and press the right mouse button. Then a box appears with several options:


Must select Create Filter from Message and get the new window filter rules , but this time is already set to the sender that is selected for filtering.


Only must click on OK to the rule cree.

It is desirable to send an email to us, including in case any of the words that have been defined in the rules of the filter to check that the filter works correctly.