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Netscape 4.x


To set filters in Netscape 4.x version must go to the Message Filters option from the Edit menu .


Then a window appears where you can create filters. To create a new filter must click New.


The next box is to establish the rules for this new filter that we define. The first is to give a name, for example, spam . Next we must describe the matches that will determine the messages to filter. It is usual to coincide with any specific matter. For example words like "money " or "power " often appear in the content of the subject of some spam. To include more than one rule must press the More .


In the same way that specify the content of the case, we can indicate, for example, the beginning of the case or exactly match specific expression.

We can also filter the senders, or by the body, date, status, etc. message.


The next step is to decide what to do with the message that we considered as "spam . Basically we can remove it or move it to another folder for these messages.


If we have no such effect, we can use the option to create new folder. This would set the filter completely with all its rules and activities. We can also give a more indicative that the filter name.


Click OK and return to the home screen. Now we see that the filter has already been defined. From this window you can edit, delete and create new ones. In case you have several, we can use the arrows to change the priority of the filters. We must bear in mind that the same message can trigger filters. For an advanced use can also create a record of use that we will see later.


And just left click on OK and try to see if we have correctly defined the rules. This should send an email to us, including in case any of the words that have been defined in the rules of the filter.