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The management of spam in Mozilla is much more advanced than in the managers post. It is not necessary to set filters in Outlook or Netscape (although it is possible to do so), but incorporates a manager "intelligent" to detect and eliminate spam.

The first thing we see is that the selection of junk mail we can make it directly into their inboxes. Should only mark the message, or messages, and click on the button on the top bar that says "garbage ": Moz2

In the same way we can make these messages directly on the points of the column headed by the symbol  Moz1 :


From here the manager will begin mailing to learn what is spam and will start to mark himself.

If we open an unsolicited message, Mozilla shows highlighted a banda indicating that it is unsolicited mail:


If correct it and leave, but if a valid e-mail message would have to identify with a Mozilla button Moz3.

These are the ways to tell what Mozilla is unsolicited mail to learn to distinguish and perform filtering tasks.

Here's what to do with such messages. We must make a choice controls unsolicited menu Task :


We set a window for the control of these messages, ie what to do with them. The first two options are active by default and must leave the case. The first is to enable unsolicited mail and to avoid the second mistake and Mozilla marked as a spam message from a sender that is in the personal address book:


The next option is to move the Mozilla unsolicited mails to a junk mail folder or a folder that certain designated areas. It is also possible to trash, but it is not convenient. The reason is that Mozilla can eliminate some mistakes and that if we want to read mail, so the best option is to use a folder to be revised from time to time prior to final disposal. If this removal is automatic seniority, we must make a choice of automatic deletion after a time (14 days by default):


Finally we can decide what to do with those that mark us as garbage, in which case you can move the folder "not required", or what is more logical to delete them directly:


For advanced users, there is a button Moz4 that allows to track the actions made by Mozilla for the control of the mail.

Once the configuration of the control, click OK to exit.

Now we can see that we have created a new junk mail folder called "Junk " or "Garbage" (if any), of which Iran to stop all mail filtering:


If this is the first time you set the controls or just change, we can run with the option of controls Run menu Task .

In addition we find the same menu option to delete messages marked as junk.


Thus ends the setting. We must bear in mind that Mozilla will ever learn and better detect unsolicited mail and we will save more time.