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Course Mozilla web publishing


Introduction to Internet
1.1. web pages
1.2. web sites

getting started with Mozilla

Composer: introduction
3.1. status bar
3.2. edit mode toolbar
3.3. toolbar
3.4. text formatting bar

Composer: formatting paragraphs, titles and lists
4.1. before you start
4.2. title and page properties
4.3. text format
4.4. paragraph formatting
4.5. lists and paragraphs bleeding
4.6. insert table of contents
4.7. delete or disable text styles

Composer: publish your pages on the web
5.1. configure Composer to publish on the Web
5.2. publish a document
5.3. possible errors of publication

Composer: links
6.1. links out of the UA website
6.2. links outside our site but within the UA website
6.3. links within the site that we are administrators
6.4. links with anchor
6.5. links to email

Composer: images
7.1. location
7.2. dimensions
7.3. appearance
7.4. link

Composer: tables
8.1. inserting to a table
8.2. changing the properties of a table
8.3. adding and deleting rows, columns and cells
8.4. join (or combine) and split cells
8.5. move, copy and delete tables
8.6. convert text to a table

Composer: Bugs and tips
9.1. about the format toolbar
9.2. about the formats
9.3. copying and pasting links or images
9.4. on tables
9.5. error when copy and paste cells in tables
9.6. incompatibility to publish with different versions of the same browser
9.7. about the publication
9.8. on HTML tags

(Publiweb) web publishing environment
10.1. introduction
10.2. how access?
10.3. move through the environment
10.4. functions of the environment
10.5. upload documents
10.6. upload folders
10.7. the Java plugin installation

web pages of the UA to the Valencian translation

document to PDF conversion
12.1. introduction
12.2. installation of CutePDF Writer
12.3. uninstall CutePDF Writer
12.4. creating documents
12.5. Pdf995
12.6. adobe Acrobat

Imaging for web pages
13.1. introduction
13.2. XnView
13.3. the scanner images
13.4. the image viewer
Usual 13.5. actions
13.6. actions on groups of images

14. annexes
14.1. annex 1: corrigendum published keeping active tab "Include images and other files"

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