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Course email

1. Introduction

The electronic messaging system at the University of Alicante is based on a client-server architecture.
The data processing center maintains a computer server that operates as a post office.
All mail received by a user are stored in the personal mailbox is on the server and stays there until the user uses the email software that collected and deposited it on your computer staff. An e-mail on the Internet has the form @ mailbox post office , for example:
@ Mario.Verges
When requesting the creation of an email account to CPD received a notification that sets out three important facts:
   The e-mail
   The account code. With the u00xxx.
   The initial password (which we can change). 

Message Structure

The structure consists of the message body of the message header. In the header to find different words that identify key characteristics relating to the message:
   Subject: Reason Message 
   Date: Was sent 
   From: Specify who sent the message 
   Organization: Organization he belongs to the sender. 
   To: Person/s who are sent the message. 
The message body can contain from ASCII text into any file information (word processing documents, images, sound, etc).


With Netscape you can also send and receive email over the Internet. We can access the Netscape Mail window through the Window menu.

menú window

Netscape prompted us to start the password to be able to read our mail.

petición contraseña

If we had new messages in the Netscape server traeríay us if there are none, we will indicate NetScape.

aviso mensajes nuevos

The Mail window is divided into three parts, on the left you can see we have different folders:
   Inbox: The mail we receive.
   Sent: Mail sent. 
   Trash: The mail that we deleted. 
On the right side, we see the different messages in the selected folder (the green dot indicates whether messages have been read or not.) And at the bottom of the window the contents of the selected message.
The buttons at the top is responsible for:



Get Mail: Pick up the new mail server.
Delete: Deletes the selected message. If the message is in the inbox and sent mailboxes will be moved to the mailbox trash. If you delete a message mailbox trash, the message disappears.
To: Mail: Send a new message.
Re: Mail
Re: All:
Make a replica of the message, ie, given a received message, reply to the person who sent it.
Forward: Send a message to another person.
Move the cursor through the messages unread.


ventana correo

Sending messages

Button must be pressed To: Mail Then a new window where you must fill out the following:

Mail To: Introducing the email address of the recipient.
Cc (Carbon Copy): If you want to send the message to more than one person writes his email address in CC.
Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy): Utility that has the same CC but unlike this, Bcc can hide the identity of users who receive a copy of the message.
Subject: You type the subject of the message, ie, a phrase that identifies the contents.

crear mensaje nuevo

At the time of sending messages, we can attach (Attach) as a file of any type as a WWW address. We must push the Attach or Attachment button and select the window you see the option you want, Attach Location (URL) addresses for WWW File or Attach files.
Remember that the mail server of the University of Alicante supports a maximum of 250 characters in length of the filename you want to attach. If the above message will be sent, but the attachment will be deleted by the server Antivirus.


Finally the window is written in the bottom of the message. Then clicking the Send button sends.
A portion of the Send and Attach buttons at the top are two more buttons, Quote and Address. Quote used to make a copy of the active message in the message that we are editing, Address, and allows us to fill the various fields of the "sending messages" depends on the directions that we have listed in the Address Book.

Address Book

Allows you to store names and addresses you use most often.
To add a calendar to select the command Add user (add user) menu item. A window in which we are called the Nick Name (nickname or abbreviation), Name (full name), E-mail address and a description of the user, being indispensable the name and address E - mail.

libreta de direcciones

To delete a user simply dials it and either use the Delete command from the Edit menu or press the Delete key
For our mail mandar a set of directions we can create what is known as distribution lists. To create a list, choose the Add Command List Menu Item and fill in the form presented to us in which we are asked: Nick Name, Name and Description, the latter being optional. To add users to the list and select the desired user arratramos with the mouse to it.
vista libreta de direcciones 

Reading messages

To read a message, simply select it with the contents ratóny appear at the bottom of the main window.

Change Password

To change the password must connect via telnet to the mail server. Go for it to type in: telnet:// Then a window in which we are asked: Login: u00xxx
Password u00xxx: dirección Telnetventana telnet

After entering these data, we will enter a menu where you via option 1 can change our password.