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Using styles


  • Use the picture of styles.  
  • Save a combination of specifications of format like a style of character.
  • Apply styles to text and paragraph
  • Save a combination of specifications of format like a style of paragraph.
  • Change the definition of a style.
  • Apply an attractive format to a complete document with the group of Styles



    With the styles work in the ficha Start, in the group Styles: 

    1. The fast styles are smart professional styles to use, easy and fast to apply and with a new appearance in this version of Word. The fast styles of main use will appear directly in the strip of options. 
    2. It do click in this button to see more smart fast styles to use. 
    3. It do click in the initiator of pictures of dialogue to open the signpost Styles. 

    This signpost contains styles personalizados created in a previous version of Word and allows to create new styles or modify existent styles.




    It is very possible that when creating a document decide that all the names of the products appear in bold and cursiva: also it could that the paragraphs that conform smart appear all they with a space interlineal determinate and with a sangrado to the right. It can save a big quantity of time using styles.


    It open the file of example designated '08Leccn.doc'


    Application of the format of character.

    1. It select the text 'Course To: First Day - Room Pacífico'.
    2. It select the ficha Start - square Source.
    3. Press in the buttons BOLDFACE and CURSIVA.
    4. It open the window of dialogue and select some effect. It press to ACCEPT.

    Creation of a fast style of character.

    Once formateado the text selected in the appropriate form. It can create a style of character based in the format of the selection.

    1. It select the text that have formateado.
    2. Press in the button of more fast styles. It Will appear the window of dialogue fast Styles.
    3. It press to save selection like a fast style.
    4. Teclee The name in the picture Appoint. We will call it RESALTADO.
    5. It press the button Modify and change the type of style to Character'.
    6. In the same window, pressed the button SOURCES and chose like source TIMES NEW ROMAN 14 and in effects will put him shadow.
    7. It press the button ACCEPT and afterwards press the button APPLY.
    The new style RESALTADO will have added to the list (press the list desplegable of styles). In this list include also the styles predetermined of Microsoft Word. The styles of character are identified by the letter to in the list.

    Fast application of the style of character

    Once created a style of character can apply it to any previously selected text

    1. Application of the style of character:
    2. It select the text on which goes to apply.
    3. It press the style RESALTADO that will see in the picture of fast styles
    4. Press in the style wished and observe the result.


    The styles of paragraph combine specifications of format of paragraph and of character that have to affect to complete paragraphs. This means that, in addition to defining the appearance of the text, can indicate a determinate type of alineación, spaced and leading.


    Application of styles of paragraph with Autoformato.

    It can use the order Autoformato so that it examine quickly the text and the existent format in a document and enhance the appearance of the same applying styles predetermined to titles and independent text.

    This functionality was own of the Word 2003 and does not have it visible by defect the Word 2007. To visualise it it is necessary to insert it in the bar of tools of fast access. For this it is necessary to deploy it and press more commandos, select all the commandos and add Autoformato.


    For formatear a document with styles predetermined, suffice that it press in the button AUTOFORMATO. The styles predetermined are those that are included in the staff by omission, designated Normal.

      Creation of a new style of paragraph
      The creation of a style of paragraph is very alike to which have seen for styles of character. Treat simply to specify the group of specifications of format of paragraph in the picture of New dialogue style.

      Format of a paragraph.

      Like example formateará the text selected, centred and with three spaces in white before and afterwards.

      • It select the complete paragraph and go the eyelash Initiate, square Paragraph.
      • It press the picture of dialogue of paragraph.
      • In the the Previous picture in the separated Space and teclee 3.
      • In the the Back picture in the separated Space and teclee 3.
      • It press the arrow of the apanado Alineación and select Centred. It press the button ACCEPT, will go back to the document.

      Creation of a style of paragraph.

      Once formateado the text in the appropriate form, can create a new style based in the format of the selection.

      1. Press in picture Style, in the bar of tools of Format.
      2. It assign a name to the new style, will call him 'STYLE PARRAFO' and press RETURN.
      It will not appreciate any change in the document, but Microsoft Windows will have saved the format of the paragraph in the style, to the time that will have applied said style to the text selected.
      Application of the style of paragraph.
      It can apply a style of paragraph so many times as it was necessary in a document. Al apply a style to a paragraph. Assign to this the same format that the paragraph that served of example for the definition of the style.

      Application of the style of title.

      1. It select the text.
      2. It press the arrow downwards that it exists beside the square Style, to do appear the list of the available styles.
      3. It locate and select the name of the style. Observe that the styles of paragraph are identified by the symbol "" in the list.

      Redesign of the style.

      1. It open the window of styles.
      2. It select a style and with the right button of the mouse select to modify.
      3. It do the modifications and press to accept.
      The  inspector of styles.

      To hide the area of styles can drag the vertical line until the left extreme of the window.




      Every time that it opens a new document, this obtains a copy of the styles stored in the staff that uses Word to create the document. The styles in particular that they offer , as well as the characteristics of format stored in each one of these styles, vary in accordance with the staff selected. All the staff have a basic group of common styles known like styles incorporated. Some staff offer styles predefinidos additional for determinate ends. Besides, a staff or document can contain clear-cut styles by the user.


      Once that they have applied styles to a document, can use the Conjoint order of styles, to enhance still more the appearance of the document. In the group of styles can choose between a series of staff preformateadas that will be able to apply in function of which find more appropriate in each case.


      Application of styles of the group of styles.

      1. It place the point of insertion at the beginning of the document (CTRL START).
      2. It select to Change styles and select a group of Styles.
      3. It press Elegant in the picture Staff.
      4. It press the button accept.

      Matter and export styles

      In occasions can be interesting carry a style to another document or another staff. This realise in the Organised, by means of the window Administer Styles (window styles).



      To achieve a main concordancia and coherence in the format of the documents. It can base a new style in the format of another existent style . For example if it wishes to create a new style that differ so alone in some characteristics of an existent style. It can base in this the new style.

      Suppose that it wishes to create another style of character with a type of different letter, but that share with one already existent the rest of characteristics. If it bases the new style in the already existent, will be able to have the certainty that the text will present always the same characteristics.

      For this it will have to select a paragraph with a style, apply him a format (v.G. Arial 14) and select: Save selection like a fast style.

      Creation of a direct access of keyboard.

      1. In the picture dialogo new style, Button format->method abbreviated, to do appear the picture of dialogo Personalizar.
      2. With the point of insertion in the picture presione new combination, press for example CTRL ALT F6.
      3. It press the button ASSIGN.
      4. It press the button CLOSE.
      5. It press the button ACCEPT.
      6. The new style will have been added to the list of styles of the document.