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  •        Insert a table a document
  •        Entering text in a table
  •        Adjust the width of the columns of a table
  •        Insert rows and columns in a table
  •        Use Table AutoFormat to change the borders and shading to a table
  •        Join several cells a table
  •        Create a chart From the numbers in a table

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    The lesson

    Open the sample file called '10Leccn.doc'and save it as' Leccn10.doc.

    Creating a table

    A table is a grid made up of boxes obtained as intersections of rows and columns (cells) that can contain text or graphics. Within each cell, the text will be distributed automatically as it does between left and right margins of the document.

    Inserting a table

    1. Place the insertion point before the mark of the last paragraph of the document.
    2. Click on the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar, to show a grid
    3. Drag the pointer until you get to draw two rows of four columns in the grid.
    Entering text
    1. Press TAB to move to the next cell
    2. Center and press TAB
    3. Type and press TAB
    4. International TAB and press
    5. Fill the rest of the table with the following information:
    6. North South Center

      International 3.209 1.091 2.343 , 7.809
      3.429 1.908 3.485 8.988
    Setting the width of columns
    1. Place the insertion point on the grid line which serves as a division for the first two columns. When the pointer changes to a double arrow, drag it to the left until Conseque a width of 1.75 cm, approximately.
    2. Drag
    3. Other grids closer to other columns of the table.
    Adjusting the column width
    1. Select Table in the Table menu.
    2. Click on
    3. Width and height of cell in the Table menu, and then press the tab Clolumna.
    4. Click the Auto button.

    INSERCIÓNY SUPPRESSION rows and columns

    Inserting a column

    To add a column

    you should select the right one of which must appear new and then click on the Insert Columns button on the toolbar.

    1. deselect there clicking away from the table and then bring in the higher end of the first column.
    2. Click
    3. when you see the pointer change to an arrow tip. The column is selected.
    4. Click on the Insert button columns.
    Entering new text in the column
    1. Click on the second cell in the new column and type in May.
    2. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the cell below and enter in June.
    Insert a column at the end of the table
    1. specify in the upper right of the last column above marks the end of row.
    2. Click the mouse when the pointer changes its shape by an arrow.
    3. Click on the Insert Columns button on the Standard toolbar.
    4. Type
    5. Totals.

    Inserting a row

    To insert a new row, select the one below which has displayed the new and click on the Insert Table button.

    1. Point to the left of the front row.
    2. Click when the pointer changes its shape by an arrowhead to the right and upward.
    3. Click on the Insert row button in the Standard toolbar.
    4. Monthly Sales by Type
    5. areas
    Deletion of a column
    1. column entitled "center."
    2. Click Remove
    3. columns in the Table menu.

    Adding Borders and Shading

    Using AutoFormat

    edge to mainstream in the table

    1. With the insertion point anywhere within the table, click Table AutoFormat on the Table menu.
    2. In the Formats list box, select Classic 4.
    3. Click the OK button to return to the document.

    Implementation of an edge in the second row

    1. the second row of the table.
    2. Click on the button bar edges in the Formatting toolbar.
    3. Click the button
    4. bottom.

    formatting the text in the table

    it possible to format the text of the individual cells comprising the same, the same way that defines the format characters and paragraphs in the rest of the paper. First, you need to combine to create a cell that extends the entire width of the table. We will also have to concentrate all the text in the table, as well as the table between the page margins.

    mix cells in the top row

    1. the first row of the table.
    2. Click on Join
    3. cells in the Table menu.
    4. To delete the paragraph mark of the first cell, place the insertion point before the end of cell mark.
    5. Press BACKSPACE to delete the extra paragraph mark.
    form the edge of the merged cell
    1. Press the button on the right side toolbar edges.
    2. Click on the button bar to disappear Bordes Bordes bar.
    format titles
    1. "Monthly Sales by location" and select 12 points.
    2. Select
    3. titles in the second row and put it in bold.
    Centered text of all cells
      Select the entire table
    1. Press the Center button in the formatting toolbar
    Adjust the column widths

    Drag the vertical line of the grid up to 2.5 cm.

    Centering the table

    1. With the insertion point inside the table, a table format in the Table menu.
    2. Click on the tab
    3. Table (the mass is located left)
    4. Click on the box
    5. Centers.
    6. Click the OK button.




    To Do this
    Insert a table In the Standard toolbar, click the Insert Table button and then select the number of rows and columns
    Moving a table cell Press TAB or use the arrow keys
    Moving to previous cell in table Press SHIFT TAB or use the arrow keys
    Select a column or row Click on a column or in the bar there to the left of the row. To select the entire table, select the table in order Select the Table menu.
    Adjust the width of columns in a table Drag the column markers to rule
    Insert a new row or column Select a row or column of the table and select the command Insert rows or columns in the Insert Table menu, or click on the Insert Rows or Insert Columns in the Standard toolbar
    Clear a row or column Select the row or column and then click Delete columns/rows in the Table menu
    Add custom borders to a table Click on the button bar at the Edge bar format and choose the type of edge and line width
    Add a custom shading to a table Click on the button bar Bordes and choose the type of shading on the Shading drop-down list.
    Combine multiple cells into one Select the cells and choose Merge Cells from the Order Table menu.
    Center text in a table Select the entire table. In the formatting toolbar, click Center.
    Centering a table between the page margins Select the table. On the Table menu, choose a table format. In the Table tab, select Center.