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Printing Documents


  •        Consider one or more pages of a document in the preview window.
  •        Edit text in the preview window.
  •        Insert page breaks.
  •        Print the document from the Standard toolbar and menus.

  • To print the document created to see the result on paper. We'll see how to use the buttons on the Standard toolbar to examine a document. After changing the margins and to insert manual page breaks, print the document (if we had no printer available, choose to view the document in Preview)

    Open the sample file called '04Leccn.doc'



    To get an idea of what the final appearance of the document once printed, you can use the preview window. In this window you can see the overall look of a page or all pages of the document. You can see the exact location of each piece of text on each page and where is the move to the next page. After examining the document, you can make the necessary adjustments to make exactly the desired way.



    Click the Preview button in the Standard toolbar.

    Microsoft Word displays the current page of the document. There is a window toolbar buttons specific to it. The menu bar still contains the same elements as the main work of Microsoft Word.



    Click the Multiple Pages button on the toolbar of the Preview and drag the pointer to get four tables.


    You now have to view all the pages in the document, presented next to each other.


    When you need to make changes to the document, such as insert, delete, or format text, you do not have explicitly to the document window. The basic editing tasks can bear out directly in the preview window. However, since it is not possible to display non-printable characters in that window, it is not advisable to make the necessary editing tasks more complex formatting.

    Editing the text in the Preview

    1. Click the pointer in the magnifying glass next to the first paragraph of ordinary text, to get an enlarged image of that part.
    2. Click the Enhance button in the toolbar of the Preview for the magnifying glass pointer in the pointer change to standard edition.
    3. Place the insertion point just before the sentence beginning "In response to his request."
    4. Type the following: "As I commented when we talked by phone the other day, your participation is very important for a wider audience."
    5. Press the spacebar.



    When text fills the page, Microsoft Word inserts a page break called AUTO. These page breaks can not be deleted. If you want to modify the automatic distribution of the text on the pages, you can insert or delete manual page breaks, whether in the document window, or in the preview window. Microsoft Word handles repaginar the document after inserting or deleting page breaks. This means that the text circulated again by successive pages of the document in a fully automatic, without need to specify the amount of text that should appear on each page.

    Normal View mode, the page break is represented by a dotted line with a Page Break tag. Neither the name nor the line appear when you print the document.


    Inserting a Page Break

    Purpose of Exercise: Insert a page break so that the table does not appear divided between the two pages of the document.

    1. In the Preview window, press the down arrow next to that box there and click on Zoom page width.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and place the insertion point just before the sentence beginning "As discussed above.
    3. Press CTRL RETURN. Microsoft Word will insert a page break just before the insertion point past the text below the page.
    4. Click on the botónVarias Pages of the Print Preview toolbar, and point to a block of two pages horizontally.
    5. Click the Close button, from the Print Preview toolbar.
    6. Scroll down, if necessary, until the bottom of the page.
    7. Click the Save button in the Standard toolbar.

    Printing a Document


    not have a printer connected to your computer, you can skip this chapter.

    Once you have achieved the look you want for the document, it is time to make your impression. You can click on the Print button in the Standard toolbar, if you want to print the document using the predefined specifications, or use the Print from the File menu, if you select certain options impression n different.


    Printing a document from the Standard toolbar

    The Print button allows printing of all pages of the active document in the default printer that is connected to the computer.

    1. Make sure the printer is active.
    2. Press the Print button on the Standard toolbar. In the status bar will be an icon that shows how the pages are being sent to the printer.

    Printing a Document from the File menu

    It is likely that occasionally have to print a page or two only in a large, rather than all pages. One of the printing options you can choose to print only allows the current page, ie where it is located at the insertion point.

    1. Make sure the printer is active.
    2. Click twice on the position of the status bar showing the page number and type 1 in the Go To dialog box.
    3. Click on Go to page 1 position in the document and press Close.
    4. Click on Print from the File menu. The dialog Print.

    5. In the range of pages, click on the Current Page option.
    6. Click OK to begin printing.


    Sometimes we find documents in which a small piece of text on the last page. In Preview you can use the Shrink to Fit to reduce a total number of pages. Microsoft Word do this by reducing the size of the font of the document.


    Open the sample file named'Un paso más04.doc'

    1. Click the Preview button in the Standard toolbar.
    2. Click the Multiple Pages button and drag a block of two pages in horizontal, if necessary.
    3. Click on Shrink to Fit in the Print Preview toolbar.

    4. Click Close to return to Normal view. Scroll the document and discuss the changes made in it.


    To Do this
    View a document in Print Preview Click the Preview button in the Standard toolbar
    View multiple pages of a document simultaneously In the Print Preview toolbar, click on more pages. Drag the pointer to determine the number of pages to view
    Obtain an enlarged image of a document in Print Preview With the pointer in the magnifying glass, click on the area of the document you want to expand
    Edit text in Preview In the toolbar of the Preview, click on the Enhance pointer to switch to editing
    Insert a page break Place the insertion pointer where you want to insert the page break and press CTRL RETURN
    Print all pages of a document on the default printer Press the Print button on the Standard toolbar, click on the Print button in the toolbar of the Preview
    Print a document using one of the options dialog Click Print in the File menu. Select the Print dialog box options you want to use