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Paragraph formatting


  •         Define bleeding on the left, right, front-line and the French ..
  •         Create bulleted lists or numbers.
  •         Sort a list.
  •         Change interline spacing in a paragraph and between paragraphs.
  •         Resizing margins.
  •         View a full page of text on the screen.


    Similarly you can change the appearance of the text by the toolbars is can also modify the appearance of paragraphs. Now learn how to use the formatting toolbar to: bleeding text, adjust margins, create tables, add bullets and numbers lists.

    You can further customize the appearance of paragraphs so só the use of menu commands: changing the interline spacing and ordering lists of items.


    Open the sample file called '03Leccn.doc';.

    Using the Tab key to indent text

    The easiest way to indent a single line of text is to use the TAB key. You can insert a tab character before the first has to be bleeding. If bleeding is a text that will be introduced, you can press TAB before you start typing. However, if the paragraph contains several lines, with the press of TAB only be the first bleeding.

    1. Move the insertion point before the word "I" in the 1st. Paragraph.
    2. Press the TAB key.
    Using the formatting toolbar to define bleeding

    Let's see how the buttons on the formatting toolbar can be one or more paragraphs to bleed easily. Each time you press the button INCREASE bleeding, bleeding MS Word selected paragraph (or paragraph where the insertion point is located) 1.25 cm. Microsoft has a series of high default tab selected, which are located at intervals of 1.25 cm., So that the blood is always done in conjunction with next high-tabulation. The toolbar also has a button DIMINISHCOLIFORM bleeding, to correct an excessive bleeding in a paragraph.

    Using the buttons bleeding

    1. Make sure the insertion point is still in 1st. Paragraph.
    2. Press the INCREASE Indent toolbar Format.
    3. Press 2 times the Increase Indent button. Each time you press this button, the paragraph was bleeding 1.25 cm. to the right, the text of the retrained to adapt to the new margins.
    4. Press DIMINISHCOLIFORM the draining of the Formatting toolbar to move the paragraph a little to the left.
    Bleeding from several paragraphs
    1. Select four paragraphs in the document instance (starting with the beginning "personal effects" and ending with the beginning "Note".
    2. Click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar to indent the selected paragraphs 12.5 cm.
    3. Click anywhere to cancel the selection of the text.

    Building Bulleted And Numbered List


    many types of documents appear numbered and bulleted lists. Bullets or high points are a very good separation for the different elements of a list, highlighting each of the bullets from the same individual, let the numbers also add a sequentiality the relationship of elements. WRITE TO AutoFormat feature makes the insertion of a balloon (and a tab) to enter a hyphen followed by a space (or tab) at the beginning of a line.

    format an existing text with bullets, click Bullets on the formatting toolbar.

    To create numbered lists, both by introducing a new text, on an existing text, click the Numbering button on the formatting toolbar.

    Creating a numbered list

    Purpose of exercise: Convert three paragraphs of the document in a numbered list.

    1. Select the first three paragraphs indented, starting from the beginning with "personal effects" and ending with the beginning "Professional Development".
    2. Click the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar.
    3. Click anywhere to cancel the selection.
    A number in front of each of the selected paragraphs, with accompanying text indented to separate the numbers. When the above paragraph is an extension to a line, the lines from the second line with the first containing the number.

    Numbered Insert another paragraph

    Purpose of Exercise: Insert a new paragraph in the existing list.

    1. With the insertion point in the last line of the first numbered paragraph, press END.
    2. Press RETURN.
    3. Insert a new line numbered. Note that the following paragraphs have been renumbered to accommodate the new element of the list.
    4. Type the following text:
    Success in sales. The topics of this course includes exploration, anticipating the demands of customers, distribution of proposals and close deals.

    Change the numbers by Vignette

    Since it is not relevant sequentiality of the elements of this list (providing the numbers), you can change them by bullets.

    1. Select the numbered paragraphs.
    2. Click the Bullets button on the toolbar format. The numbers have been replaced by bullets.
    3. Click anywhere to cancel the selection.

    Note: You can also determine the format of the litas to the "bullets Numeracióny ..." from the Format menu.



    So far we have seen how easy it is to move blood to the left in increments of 1.25 cm. But there are occasions in which blood type is different. To define custom bleeds we can act directly on the rule that exists at the top of the screen.

    rule shows the measures in cms., each divided cm. in four quarters.

    triangular markers that exist in regulation to control bleeding from the current paragraph (the one that is selected or in which the insertion point is located).

    the left side of the rule there are three icons:


    • The top triangle controls the first line (called SIGNAL Indent 1st ROW),
    • The lower triangle controls the remaining lines of paragraph (called SIGNAL left indent),
    • The small square that is under the lower triangle (called SIGN OF BLEEDING OF SUBPARAGRAPH), controls the global bleeding on the left of paragraph.
    The triangle is on the right end of the ruler controls the right margin of the paragraph.

    Displaying the rule

    From now on we need to have the rule visible. To have the rule visible on screen in the View menu select the option Rule.

    Defining a custom indentation on the left

    Purpose of exercise: Fit the left edge of the signature block of example text.

    1. Select the four paragraphs of the signing of the final document.
    2. Drag the pointer bleeding paragraph (a small square that is under the Focus on the left lower triangle.) Up to the mark of 10 cm. in regulation and then release the mouse button. The triangles above and below will move along with the square. A dotted line indicating the position where it is being made every time the bleeding. By releasing the mouse button, the text will move to be aligned in accordance with the new signs of bleeding paragraph.
    3. Click anywhere to cancel the selection.

    Definition of a bleeding right

    1. Select the four elements and bulleted paragraph in the "Note".
    2. Drag the bleeding pointing right (the triangle that exists in the far dcho. Of the rule) to the mark of 12 cm.
    3. Click anywhere to cancel the selection.

    Definition of an indentation in the French

    With the insertion point in the paragraph of the "Note", drag the pointer bleed first line (the upper triangle of Focus on the left.) Up to the mark of 0.75 cm .

    Note that the first line contains the mass that left the rest of the paragraph. This effect is also known as bleeding pendant.

    Customizing bleeding to French

    1. Make sure the insertion point is still in the paragraph of the "Note".
    2. Drag the pointer left bleeding (Focus on the left below the triangle.) To the position 2.5 cm. the rule. The first line does not move but the others will be aligned with the elements of the list.
    Bleeding frontline
    1. Click on the paragraph that begins "This year's conference".
    2. Drag the pointer to first line (Focus on the left upper triangle.) To the mark of 1.25 cm. the rule.
    Note: If you know exactly the extent of bleeding and the need to introduce manually enter the Format menu, Paragraph option.

    How to add borders to a paragraph

    To create a line around the text, you can use the toolbar BORDES. To make this toolbar visible, click on the Borders toolbar format. When you do not need the bar edges, press the same button again.

    1. Click on the Borders toolbar Format.
    2. With the insertion point in the paragraph of the "Note", click on the outer edge of the bar edges. The paragraph in the "Note" will now appear with a black line around it.


    Management alphabetically lists allows organizing the information into a document. Lists can be sorted by selecting the elements to be sorted from the Table menu and choosing the Order Text.

    How to sort a list

    1. Select the bulleted on four paragraphs that describes the themes of the conference.
    2. The Table menu, click Sort Text. See the different management options to choose from.
    3. Click the OK button.


    Until now we have changed the look of the paragraph using the ruler and toolbar. But there is also the possibility of doing so using the Format Paragraph menu. In the Paragraph dialog box can be changed:

    • The interline spacing within the paragraph,
    • The area of separation between paragraphs,
    • Bleeding,
    • Alignment.
    It is important to note that the options are set through this (Paragraph Format menu) are always in full paragraphs.

    Bleeding frontline

    1. Select the last two paragraphs of ordinary text, starting with "hope" and "Thank You", respectively.
    2. From the Format menu click Paragraph Order.
    3. Active tab Indent and space. Note that this is where we show the current paragraph or selected paragraphs.
    4. In the Indent section, press the down arrow next to the table that there is special and then click First line. The first line of paragraph be bleeding a distance equal to the first tab. The table shows reflect the change made.
    5. Click OK

    Change of bleeding and right alignment

    1. Select the four paragraphs and bulleted paragraph containing the "Note".
    2. From the Format menu click Paragraph Order.
    3. In the Indent section, press the down arrow next to that box right there until you see 2 cm.
    4. In the Alignment drop-down list, click on Justified. This text is perfectly aligned between the two margins.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click anywhere to cancel the selection.
    How to add vertical space between paragraphs

    Instead of pressing RETURN to add blank lines before or after a heading or paragraph of text, you can have this extra space is part of the format of the paragraph. Thereafter, if the paragraph were to move to another position within the document, the correct spacing would move along with the text. In addition, this method can indicate steps spaced by fractions of line, such as 1.5 or 1.75 lines.

    1. Place the insertion point in the first paragraph.
    2. Click the Format menu, Paragraph Order
    3. In the Area section, click on the arrow above the box, until you see the value "6 pt.
    4. Click OK.
    5. With the insertion point in the paragraph beginning with "hope", click on the Edit menu, order repeat paragraph formatting to apply again the last operation editing completed.

    Adding space before and after paragraphs

    1. Select the four bulleted paragraphs and contains the "Note".
    2. Click on the order of the Paragraph Format menu.
    3. In paragraph Space, to appear on Previous "6 pt.
    4. Type 3 in Table Posterior. This space has been inserted in front of 6 points for each of the selected paragraphs and 3 points below the same.
    5. Click OK.
    Changing the space between lines of a paragraph

    To apply a different interline spacing that offers Microsoft Word default:

    1. Place the insertion point in any position of the first paragraph and press the Format menu, Paragraph Order.
    2. Click the down arrow that exists in the Line box and select 1.5 lines.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Repeat these steps for each of the paragraphs of ordinary text of the document, except those containing bullets and the "Note".
    Note: To change the interlined to the entire document, select the Edit menu, the command Select All and then select the paragraph order for the changes overall.


    The rule has served to define bleeding.
    In the display mode print layout, the rule also serves to show the signs of the margins (which can be moved to change the maximum ; current margins of the page).
    You can switch quickly between normal mode and page layout by pressing the buttons that exist on the left of the horizontal scroll bar.

    Changing display mode to print layout

    In print layout mode you can see the edges of the page to better appreciate the changes at the margins. It is thus a more accurate representation of how the sheet is if the imprimiésemos.

    How do margin markers appear in rule

    When you have it the blood in the rule, the numbers indicate cms. from the left margin. In addition, margins are measured in cms. But from the left edge of the sheet. The margins can be set in regulation. After adjusting the margins, you can change the way design printing modify the degree of enlargement of the text to see the changes made.

    1. Press CTRL HOME to place the insertion point at the beginning of the document.
    2. Scroll to the position paper to the mass and the left above.
    3. Place the pointer near the left margin, on the horizontal ruler until it changes its form by a double tip arrow.
    4. To adjust the left margin, drag to the right until you see the 3 cm. on the left, in gray scale.

    5. Note: If you hold down the ALT key while you drag, you will see action in margins as you drag.
    6. Move the pointer to the end (top) of the white part of the vertical ruler.
    7. To adjust the top margin, made a drag up until the 2.5 cm mark. in gray scale.
    Note: If you know in advance the necessary steps from the margins of the document can be set from the File menu, Page Setup. Another way would be to divide the document into sections and set different margins for each.

    Changing the degree of enlargement (Zoom)


    In normal display mode and in print layout mode, you can adjust the degree of enlargement to see the entire page on screen. The Zoom drop-down box, select the entire page.


    Change to normal display mode

    Click the Normal View button to return to normal viewing.

    Save the changes

    Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Word will save to disk the new version of the document to replace the previous version.



    To Do this
    Set bleeds Click on the buttons sangríao Increase Decrease Indent
    Creating bulleted lists Select the paragraphs to be formatted and click on Bullets
    Creating numbered lists Select the paragraphs to format and click the Numbering button
    Define custom bleeds Drag the triangle pointing bleeding in regulation to set indentations left, right and front-line
    Add borders to a paragraph Click on button to display the Borders toolbar Bordes. Select the appropriate option in the Line Style box, and press the corresponding button on the side you want to apply
    Sort a list of items From the Table menu, Sort Order Text