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Navigating Documents


  •        Open an existing document and save it under a new name.
  •        Scroll through a document.
  •        Move text to a new location in a document.
  •        Copy text in a new location in a document.

  •    Copying and moving can make the game very easily work. For example, you can copy text, move to a different position and edit later.


    Open a file.

    1. Click the Open button on the Standard toolbar. The dialog box should open, and here you can select the folder and open the document you want. The text box with the label search, displays the folder that is currently selected.
    2. Click the down arrow to the right of the Search text box to select where the document is opened.
    3. Select the disk drive A.
    4. In the file list box, double click the file that is called 02Leccn.
    Saving a file with a different name.
    1. Click Save As on the File menu. You get the Save As dialog box.
    2. Select the folder where you saved the file.
    3. Perform a drag the pointer to select all the text in the File Name box and type Leccn02 below.
    4. Click the Save button, or press RETURN to close the dialog box and save the file.
    Scroll through the contents of a document
    In Microsoft Word there are two ways to navigate in a document: the vertical movement and go directly to a specific page. Moving line by line.
    Each time you click on an arrow moves, changing the display to show a more s text. If you hold the button on a scroll arrow, the text will move out very quickly. To stop it just release the button. Navigating windows.

    To view the text that remains in the top or bottom of the window, just click on the area that is above or below the slider on the scroll bar.

    You can also use the PageUp and AVPAG keys to scroll through the document window.

    Jump to different parts of a document.

    Dragging the slider on the toolbar box on the right can be moved so quickly to the intermediate zone at the beginning or end of a document or any part of the document.


    1. To consider the final part of the document, drag the slider box to the lower end of the scroll bar.
    2. Drag the slider up box to display the top of the document.


    Transfer to a specific page.
    If you know the page number you want to view, you can view it directly.

    1. Double-click the page number indicator in the status bar. The dialog box Go
    2. Make sure that page is selected in table 3 Go to and type in the page number box.
    3. Click on Go
    4. Click the Close button to exit the dialog box and return to the document.


    Copy of a text.

    If you copy the title "Course 1: First Day" and inserts it into a new position just have to change a word to create a different title. Course 1: Second day. " U format will be identical to the original title.
    1. Select the text "Course 1: First day - Pacific Room." Be sure to include the paragraph mark.
    2. Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.
    3. Place the top four and select the first blank paragraph mark.
    4. Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar. Microsoft Word insert a copy of the title here.
    5. Now you only need to overwrite the "First" and put "Second."
    Moving text between remote parts of the document. The Text of the last three paragraphs after the second day's agenda should be in view for attendees first day. To move these three paragraphs at the end of the first calendar day on page three should do the following:
    1. Click on the arrow to scroll down so you can see all the text that exists under the title "personal effects Hospitality Room."
    2. Select the two paragraphs and the title under which they exist.
    3. Click the Cut button on the Standard toolbar. The text disappears from the document, going to the clipboard.
    4. Click the Back button to scroll along the bottom of the vertical scroll bar to move to the previous page.
    5. Select the paragraph mark above the line that has the label "Final section"
    6. Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar to insert the contents of the Clipboard.


    To Do this
    Open an existing document In the Standard toolbar, click the Open button and then select the document name in the File name list. If you do not see the document name to open, make sure they are selected the appropriate drive and directory.
    Scroll through a document Click on the arrows on the scroll bar, drag the slider or press box in the table before or after the slide.
    Move or copy text to a position that is not visible on the screen Select the text and click Cut or Copy buttons on the Standard toolbar. Place the insertion point in the position of destination, and click there to place the insertion point. Click the Paste button to insert the remaining text.