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How to save time with wizards and templates



Word 2007 has included the assistants in the staff predefinidas. The staff predefinidias can be installed in the team or can download from the server of Microsoft.


Word Include more than 30 installed staff for types of document like letters, faxes, reports, curriculums and entrances of blog. To select them, follows this procedure:

  1. Llamada 1It do click in the button of Microsoft Office and, to continuation, do click in New.
  2. Llamada 3It do click in an of the miniatures to see his previous sight to the right.
  3. Llamada 4 To create a document or a new staff, presses the button Create.


Create a document using a staff predefinida. Creation of a letter.

All the relative to the format, information of the configuration of the page and even the styles, will be created and applied of automatic form.

  1. It select the Button of Office and select of the installed staff, the designated "letter origin"
  2. Select Document in Creating new (down to the right)
  3. Press the button Create.
  4. Al open the letter appear fields between corchetes on which will fill up the following information:



Francisco Pérez

C/Of the Rua, s/n

Telephone: 999888777


Antonio Martínez

Director of the Service.

Telephone: 111222333


Body of the letter

Good morning.

I expect have arrived him properly the information that sent him the past week.




Francisco Pérez

Secretary of the Service

Department of Microsoft


This document usually would save  like document. But if our intention is of reutilizarlo to send it to another addressee will have to save it like staff with the name of "MiPlantilla".

Al save the document like staff...

We have said that the staff have his own type of file, distinct of the file of document. Therefore, to save a document like staff, has to select the type of file Staff of Word. To continuation, save it like a staff of confidence so that it was easy to look for and open. These are the steps that has to follow:

  1. Llamada 1 It do click in the button of Microsoft Office Imagen del botón, choose to Save as and, to continuation, do click in Staff of Word.
  2. Llamada 2 In the picture of dialogue Save as, do click in Staff of confidence like location in which goes to save the staff.
  3. Llamada 3 To continuation, assign a name to the staff and do click in Saving. Observe that, if it has configured Windows so that they show the extensions of file, will see the extension .dotx At the end of the name of file. This extension denotes that you treat of the type of file of staff of Word 2007 (unlike the type of file of the documents, whose extension is .docx).

Importance of the staff of confidence    Al situate the staff in Staff of confidence, indicate to Word that is sure open it even if the staff contains macros or another type of code. Since the macros can contain code malintencionado, Word is alert to the hour to open documents with macros. If the configuration of security of his team has the level recommended, Word will open any file of staff, but deshabilitará the macros that contains. However, in the case of the staff situated in the folder Staff of confidence, Word no deshabilita the macros since it gives of course that the files are safe. Therefore, ensure that the files that store in this location proceed of an origin of confidence.

If it uses Windows Sight, observe that the folder in which goes to save the staff designates Staff instead of Staff of confidence. Nevertheless, for Word has the same meaning that the folder Staff of confidence

Create a staff fax personalizada

  1. It open the button of office.
  2. It select new and select Fax of equity.
  3. It select Staff in Creating new.
  4. It modify the information of remitente with our data.
  5. Save it like "Mifax". It Will see as you store in "staff of confidence"

Creation of a new document based in a staff personalizada     

  1. It open the button of Office
  2. It press new document
  3. It select My Staff and select the one who have created (MiFax or MiPlantilla)
  4. It put the addressee or modify to will the document and record it like Document of word (no like staff)
  5. If sólamente wants to modify some data of the staff and conserve it like staff, save it like such.

Creation of an on

Can create an on quickly, however is necessary to take into account that in some staff Word inserts the data of the remitente in the place of the addressee.

  1. It select Correspondence.
  2. Select Sobres.
  3. Remove the content of the remitente if this visualise since it will appear in the place of the addressee.
  4. Put the name of the addressee and select "Add to the document"

Also can create labels (Correspondence -> Create Labels), although all have the same text. Create letters and labels with diferentesdestinatarios will see in the subject to Combine correspondence.