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How to Improve Productivity


  •        Find and Replace Text .
  •        Use the AutoCorrect tool to insert text to a document type.


    Find and Replace is a powerful tool to find and replace words or phrases that are repeated throughout the document. Auto correction that will allow us to monitor our typing Word 2000 and can minimize the number of mistakes.

    perform the exercises in the lesson, open the document called '05Leccn.doc'.

    may open the document to note that some of the words are underlined with a wavy red line. This is because this set to "Check spelling automatically." If you want to do away with the red line, follow the following sequence: Tools - Options - ortografíay Grammar - Hide spelling errors in this document and check the box.



    This option is suited to quickly find (and replace if necessary) all occurrences of a word or phrase. For example, we can change the name of an old product and replace it with the new name. You can change all occurrences of text at once or by a check for a greater control of the operation. In any case, the advantage to replace the text manually localizacióny is obvious, since we do not have to type the new text every time you want to change the old one.

    Location text

    Let's change the word "partnership" for "divisions" in the document instance. Follow these steps:

    1. Choose Edit - Replace
    2. In the Search box, type in "partnership"
    3. In the Replace box type in "splitting"
    4. We will ensure that the operation is performed on the entire document. To choose this option in all search options. If this option is not visible click the More button in the Replace dialog box to make it visible. At this time the dialog appears as follows:

    Or, in its extended mode:


    Search and replace text

    1. Click the Search button below to begin your search. See that the first occurrence of the word "partnership" is highlighted. If you do not see you may have to move the dialog box to view the selected word.
    2. Click the Replace button. The word "division" will replace the word "partnership." After that, they select the next occurrence of the word "partnership."
    3. Click the Replace button. Again, the word "division" will replace the word "partnership", to select the next occurrence of the word "partnership."
    4. On this occasion, "partnership" is the correct word. As we do not want to replace, click the Search button below. Will highlight the next occurrence of the word "partnership."
    5. Click the Replace button for each of the following occurrences. 
    6. When they are no longer more occurrences of the word "partnership" the following message appears:

    7. 5-3
    8. Click the OK button to continue.
    How to replace all occurrences of the text

    Failure to confirm the replacement of one text can activate an option Replace All Replace dialog box. In this exercise we will change all occurrences of the word "catalog" to "sample"

    Location text

    The Find dialog box will show now and replace the search criteria from the previous year. Delete the old text before introducing the new criteria.

    1. On the Edit menu choose Replace.
    2. In the Search box type "catalogs."
    3. In the Replace box type in "sample"
    The situation must be:


    Search and replace all occurrences

    1. Click the Replace All button. In this way, replace all occurrences of "catalogs" for "pattern" without asking beforehand.
    2. An information window will appear with the number of substitutions made. For example:




    4. Click the OK button to go back.
    5. Click the Close button to close the search window and see the changes made.
    Vera and the word "pattern" appears throughout the document.


    With Word 2000 AutoCorrect option can make the program automatically corrects words that we write in the wrong way. It also helps us to add words and phrases in everyday use, even if they are not likely to cause errors. This will be done through "Inputs Auto correction, which automatically inserts the text specified repetitive typing.

    Creating an AutoCorrect entry

    Suppose you're creating a list of products in which each line begins with the same name. To avoid having to always type the name, we can create an AutoCorrect estrada followed the rest of the name varies in each product. Word 2000 is responsible for writing on the text that is repeated.

    How to create an AutoCorrect entry

    Product names appearing in a table in the Price List section of our exercise. Each product's name should begin with the text "Great plaid," but it's easy to make mistakes and write "PLD" instead of "plaid." If we create an AutoCorrect entry for writing "PLD" appears more space "Big plaid," we will not have that problem. So with just three keystrokes to get ten to automatically compose the text of "Great plaid." To do this:

    1. Go to the table at the end of the document.
    2. In the first line of the price list, select "Large plaid".
    3. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect. the following dialog box:




    5. Click the Replace text box and type in "PLD."
    6. Click the Add button. The new entry is added to the list of entries in the dialog box.
    7. Click the OK button to return to the document.
    Use AutoCorrect to insert text

    From now on every time you type the word "PLD" followed by a space is automatically replaced by "Big plaid." Let's see an example:


    1. Click the second column of the fourth row of the table.
    2. Type "PLD" followed by a blank space, then for quilts. " The "Great plaid" appears at the moment and we have the phrase: "Great for plaid bedspreads.
    3. Click before the word "Set" in the next group of products.
    4. Type "PLD" followed by blank space. The "Great plaid" appears before the word "Set".
    5. Repeat step 4 for all elements of the list.
    After that the table should look like:

    We created the impression of the document to see the result on paper. We'll see how to use the buttons on the Standard toolbar to examine a document. After changing the margins and to insert manual page breaks, print the document (if we had no printer available, choose to view the document in Print Preview)



    To Do this
    Find and replace text On the Edit menu, choose Replace. In the Replace dialog box, type the text to locate. Type the text that will replace. Use the Find Next button to move to the next occurrence of the search string in the text. Click the Replace button to replace aparicióny a move to the next. Click Replace All to replace all occurrences of the search string without asking.
    Create a Self-correction Select the entry. On the Tools menu, choose Auto correction. With the cursor in the Replace box, type the name of the entry. Click the Add button to return to the document.