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  • Work fluidamente with the strip of options.
  • Use the bars of tools.
  • Know the fichas additional 
  • Work quickly with combination of keys..
  • Fast sight to the new formats of document.



    ¿What has happened with the menu File? Presione The button of Microsoft Office to check it.
    The place where initiate a document of Word is the button of Microsoft Office.
    After presionar the button, appears a menu. Perhaps it notice that this menu, that shows here, seem a bit to the menus File of the previous versions of Word. To the left of the menu, sees all the commandos to work with a file. Here it is where creates a new document or opens one existent. Also they are here the commandos Save and Save eat.
    In the right side of the menu enumerate the open documents recently. These are used to to be always visible so that it does not have to look for in the team a document in which work with frequency.




    The strip of options presents the most popular commandos in first plane, so that it does not need to go in his research in distinct parts of the program for tasks that realises constantly.




    Components of the strip of options


    They exist three basic components in the strip of options. It is convenient to know how call to understand how use .  

    1. Fichas. There Is seven fichas basic in the top. Each one represents an area of activity.
    2. Groups. Each ficha contains several groups that contain elements related. 
    3. Commandos. A commando is a button, a picture in which writes information or a menu.



    The arrow situated in the inferior corner right of each group calls initiator of pictures of dialogue. If it does click in her, will see more options related with this group. These options will appear often in shape of picture of dialogue that can recognise of a previous version of Word. Also they can appear in a signpost of tasks with an appearance that will result him familiar.



     Al select an image, appears the ficha Tools of image that shows groups of commandos to work with images.


    In this new version of Word, some fichas only appear when it needs them. For example, put that it finishes to insert an image but now wishes to do more things with her. It is possible that wish to change the adjust of the text that surrounds it or perhaps want to cut it. ¿Where they find these commandos? 


    1. It select the image. 
    2. It shows the ficha Tools of image. 
    3. It do click in her. They appear groups and additional commandos to work with images, as the group Styles of image.


    Al do click out of the image, the ficha Styles of image disappears and show the others groups.
    Note As they go needing, appear fichas corresponding to other areas of activity, like tables, drawings, diagrams and graphic.




    Al select text and signal it, the minibarra of tools appears dulled.
    Some commandos of format are so useful that would wish to have them available always, independently of what was doing.
    Suppose that it wishes to give format to a text quickly, but is working in the ficha Design of page. It can do click in the ficha Start to see the options of format, but there is a faster method: 

    1. It select the text dragging it with the mouse (mouse) and signal the selection. 
    2. The minibarra of tools will appear dulled. 


    If it signals to the minibarra of tools, go back active and can do click in an option of format of her.

    Hide the strip of options.


    The strip of options centralises and facilitates satisfactorily the research of all the elements of Word 2007. There Are occasions, however, in that it does not need to look for nothing. Only it wishes to work in the document and would like him have more space to do it. Thus, the strip of options results so easy to hide temporarily as to use.
    This does of the following way: it do double click in the ficha active. The groups disappear, by what has more space.
    Whenever it wish to see all the commandos again, do double click in the ficha active to show again the groups.




    Presione ALT To end to see the identifiers of suggestions of keys for the fichas of the strip of options, the button of Microsoft Office and the bar of tools of fast access.
    This page is destined to which prefer to use the keyboard. The methods abbreviated that begin with the key CTRL (for example, CTRL+C to copy or CTRL+ALT+1 for Title 1) follow being the same that in the previous versions of Word.
    Nevertheless, the design of the strip of options includes new methods abbreviated. ¿Why? Because this change presents two big advantages front to the previous versions:

    • ·Methods abbreviated for each button of the strip of options.
    • ·Methods abbreviated that require lower combination of keys.

    The new methods abbreviated have also a new name: suggestions of keys. Presione ALT So that they appear the identifiers of the suggestions of corresponding keys to all the fichas of the strip of options, the commandos of the bar of tools of fast access and the button of Microsoft Office. To continuation, can presionar the suggestion of corresponding keys to the ficha that wishes to see: for example, presione I for the ficha Start. This does that they show all the suggestions of keys for the commandos of this ficha. Already it can presionar the suggestion of keys of the commando that wish.
    Note Also can use the ancient methods abbreviated of ALT+ with which had access to menus and commandos in the previous versions of Word, but as the ancient menus are not available, no longer appear in the screen the keys that has to presionar, by what has to know all the methods abbreviated to use them.




    The new format of files of document of Word is based in the new formats of open XML (XML is the abbreviation of Language of marked extensible, Language of marked extensible) of Office. It do not concern , does not need to know XML; all remain between frames. It remember only that the new format based in XML:

    • ·Help to create documents safer separating files that contain sequences of commandos or macros, and facilitating the identification and the blockade of code or macros no wished.
    • ·Help to create sizes of files of documents smaller.
    • ·Help to create documents less sensitive to the damages.

    The new format of files gives him equally the capacity to use functions that only are available in Word 2007. An example of this type of function is the one of the charts SmartArt.

    The new format of files admits many other new functions, like mathematical equations, subjects and controls of content.

    Saving a document


    When it creates a new document in Word 2007, and save afterwards, chooses the new format of file automatically.
    It can check it examinee attentively the picture of dialogue Save eat. Observe that the picture Save like type indicates Document of Word (.docx). This means that it is using the new format of file.

    Extension of file  Stop what use
    .docx Document of Word standard without macros neither code
    .dotx Staff of Word without macros neither code
    .docm Document of Word that can contain macros or code
    .dotm Staff of Word that can contain macros or code




    This course has been created with the help of the bear web of learning of Microsoft in his page web. For more information acudir to the URL: http://office.microsoft.com/es-it is/training/CR061958173082.aspx