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Document Review


  •        Find synonyms and related words using the "synonyms". 
  •        Spell checking a document .

  • When just the task of writing and formatting of a document that we have misspelled review for errors or omissions. First let's see how you spell check the document. Subsequently, we will learn to find synonyms to add precision to the text.
    As a first step we are going to open the document '06Leccn. doc'for conducting the exercises of the chapter.

    Checking the spelling of a document

    We can use the Spelling button in the toolbar Standard  6-1 , or sequence can activate the Tools - ortografíay grammar ...
    When checking the spelling, the process starts from the place where the insertion point in the text until the end of the document. Possibly, the spell checker in Word 2000 we notice that there are words that are wrong, although they are written correctly. This is because not listed in the dictionary of words that have the program either because they are technical terms, words from other languages or business names, etc..
    Word 2000 displays the dialog box that you found the word as incorrect, further highlighting the word in question in the document, so you can find the exact word in the document and see where they are. If indeed we see that there has been an error or omission, we have 2 ways to fix: re-type the correct word or choose from the list of suggestions.
    For example, if when making the Word 2000 spell check finds the word "person", the following information in the dialog box:


    This is observed as we are given the opportunity to choose the correct word to replace the misspelled word that Word has been found by pressing the Change button. Choose the option Change all and you find this error, because Word does not ask and we will correct automatically. If, by contrast, chose the option Ignore or Ignore all, the word is considered as correct and no action be taken more. If the word is considered incorrect, but it is not, we can add to the dictionary in Word by clicking the Add so that, henceforth, any occurrence of that word is considered correct.

    Use synonyms

    Use synonyms precisióny allows us to add variety in the terms used in the texts. As in a standard dictionary of synonyms, Word 2000 allows us to find words of similar meaning and other words of opposite meaning (antonyms). It also provides us with a list of related words and different forms of the selected word. For example, the word "work" can be used as a noun and verb knowledge.

    Search for a word in the thesaurus

    Suppose you want to find an alternative to the word "effective" and insert it into the document. Let's see the steps to follow. First, use the Search to find the word and then use the synonyms to choose the alternative terms.

    1. Choose Edit - Search
    2. Type in "effective"
    3. Click the Find Next button
    4. The word "effective" will be highlighted.
    5. Click the Cancel button to close the Find dialog box
    6. Choose Tools - Language - Synonyms ...
    You get the following dialog box:


    Choose from the list of meanings the word "efficient" and that:

    Then chose the word "efficient" in the Replace with the synonym list and press the Replace button.
    "Efficient" will be replaced with "effective" and the dialog box closes.

    Substitution of another word

    We now find an alternative for the word "devices".

    1. In the paragraph following the heading "Course B", select the word "devices" as follows:

    2. 6-5

    3. Click sequencing tools - language - synonyms ... 
      The following dialog box:


    1. Replace the word "devices" to "instruments." (Choose different meanings if you do not see it at this time on the screen). 
    2. When the Replace with box synonym, select it and select Replace and Word 2000 have made the change from "device" to "instruments."
    To Do this
    Check the spelling of a document  In the Standard toolbar, click on the spelling 6-1    and then proceed to change, or ignore the words as they were retained by Word 2000 for the review.
    Using the tool Synonyms Select a word in the document and press the sequence tools - language - synonyms ... Get synonyms and sometimes antonyms.