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Creating print documents combined

  • Create a main document.
  • Create and associate a file of data.
  • Insert fields of combination in a main document.
  • Combine a main document and a source of data.
  • Combine with Labels




    Create a main document.

    1. It believes a new document in white and go to the menu Combine. Afterwards to the picture combine and selected step to go through the assistant.
    2. To the right it appears the picture Combine correspondence and down the sequence of steps.
    3. We choose to Create letter.




    4. Press in Letters and pressed following step.
    5. We select to Use the current document.



    Create and associate a file of data.


    Stop can combine will need a source of data. In this case we will create a database of Acces 2007, but can use any source of data that well was a database or that have the structure of table with the names of the fields in the first row.


    1. To create a source of data select "to create a new list".
    2. It Will appear the picture of dialogue Create source of data to specify the names of the fields that will form part of the file. We press the button PERSONALIZAR COLUMNS And suppress those that do not need and add those that are necessary. To suppress a field, first will be necessary to select the name of the field and press to continuation in the button Erase.
    4. To add a new field, it is necessary teclear the name in the picture Appoint of field and to continuation press in the button Add field.

    We Will leave:










    5. Press in the button Accept.
    6. It enter the data of several people.

    7. It press to accept and save the source of data.



    8. If it wishes it can go back to add new registers.
    9. Once that it have entered all the registers of data, press in the button Accept.

    10. We can establish a series of filters so that it combine only with those that want (no of all).




    Insert fields of combination in a main document.

    1. In the bar of tools to Combine correspondence, press in the button Insert field combination. It Will appear in the screen a list of the names of field.
    2. Press in the name of field that wish and this will remain inserted in the document. Proceed of the same form with the rest of the fields that wish to combine.



    Combine a main document and a source of data.

    1. To carry out the combination and save the results in a new file, press in previous Seen button of impression and afterwards Following, complete the combination.


    It exists the possibility to retouch each letter of individual form. Also we will be able to combine directly on printer.



    Combine with Labels


    To create a combination with labels, it is necessary to select Labels when initiating the combination, select the size of the label and finally situate the fields in the first label, afterwards press in updating all the document (so that the content of the label extend to the rest) and finally finish the combination.