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Creating columns


  • Creation of columns.
  • Change of the number of columns inside a document.
  • Formateo Of the columns.
  • General examination of the design.
  • Change of the width of the columns with the rule.


    In Ms Word can create columns of type periodistico in which the text flows by each column to the end of the same, to happen to continuation to the beginning of the following column.

    It open the file of name "11Leccn.doc".

    Can use the button columns Col of the bar of Standard tools so much to create columns in a document and to change the number of them. Word Realise of automatic form the terminación of each column the final of the page, happening the text to the beginning of the following column.

    Creation of multiple columns in a document.

    1. It select the eyelash Design of page Col .
    2. It select the option of 2 columns..
    3. Al soltar the mouse, Word will create the number of columns specified.
    4. It observe how Word raisin to the way of presentation of design of page of automatic form, pues in the way of normal presentation (from the menu See/Normal) does not allow to see the text in shape of columns, but as if only had a column.





               If precise a design of page more sofiticado, can vary the number of columns of a page or section of the document. To change the number of columns, is precise to insert previously a jump of section (in menu Insert/Jump) of continuous type, to achieve that the following section begin from the current section, in the same page that this.

              Al insert changes of section is effecting a division of the document in different sections, which indicate in the screen by lines of double points that they do not appear in the copy impresa of the document. After this, each section can be formatada of way totally independent . 


    Insertion of changes of section.

        In the way of seen draft (in the eyelash seen See/Normal) the change of section signal in the screen by means of a line of double points  that extend to all the width of the page and with the Final "text of section". After inserting a change of section and create the columns of each section, has to change to the way of presentation of design of page to be able to see the together columns, one the side of another.

    Change to the way of presentation draft.

           It is preferable to change to this way of presentation to be able to see the jumps of section. It press the button Presentation Draft (situated in the eyelash Vistal).


    Insertion of a change of section.

    1.- It place the cursor in front of the text "9:00- 10:10".
    2.- It select the eyelash Design of Page and afterwards Jump (select Jumps of Section).
    3.- It select Continuous Type and Accept.

          Now there are two sections in the document. In the bar of state indicates the section where is situated the point of insercción. To see it of this way does in Seen Draft.



    Insertion of another change of section.

    1.- Displace downwards and place the cursor in front of the title "personal Effectiveness Room Hospital"
    2.- In the eyelash Design of page, select jump of section
    3.- Select Continuous type and press to ACCEPT.

           Now can formatear each one of the sections of the document with the number of appropriate columns.


    Creation of columns in each section:

          Proceed exactly equal that when it does with the docuemento complete (with an alone section), taking into account that has to place the cursor in the section that wish define the format. With the document divided in sections, the format in columns affects so alone to the section in where finds situated the point of insercción.

         Once defined the fomato in the way seen draft , can change to the way of design of impression to see the together columns, one at the side of another.


    Format of each section.

    1.- Desplacese To the beginning of the document placing the point of insertion in any position 
         Inside the first section (this has to appear formateada with an alone column therefore 
         We apply the following point).
    2.- Press in the button columns Col and drags the pointer until selecting a column.
    3.- Displace downwards and place the cursor in the section 2. Asegurese That the bar of state 
         It indicates him that it is in the number of correct section.
    4.- Go back to use the button columns Col to create a format of an alone column in the last 




    Insertion of a jump of manual column.

              Ms Word Determine of automatic form the changes of column when the text arrives at the end of the page, happening then to the comiezo of the following column. If it wishes to define a change of column in a different position, can  insert manualmente.

    1.- Desplacese And place the cursor in front of the text '1:00 - 2:10'.
    2.- Select the menu Insert/Jump (jump of column) and press to ACCEPT.


    Change of format between the columns.

              The order Columns includes a series of special options related with the format of the columns, and that can appear lineas vertical of separation between the columns, can specify the space of separation between them or even create columns of uneven width.

    1.- Selections the menu Format/Columns. If the box "Columns of equal wide" was 
        Actuated, desactivela.
    2.- In the separated "Wide and space" specify a width of 7,0 cm for the column 1. I eat 
         Can expect the width of the right column will increase automatically satisfied  
         It diminish the one of the left.
    3.- It specify now a separation of 0,3 cm goes in the columns.
    4.- It actuate the box of verificación "Linea between columns" and press to ACCEPT.



              By means of the list desplegable of control of Zoom of the bar of Standard tools can modify the degree of extension of the document. Can select some of the specifications of extension preestablecidas, or enter an exact value.

              Al change the degree of extension changes so only the way of presentation of the document in screen, without that they see affected for nothing the types of letter neither the length of the document.


    Change of the degree of extension in the way of design of page.

    1.- In the list desplegable of control of Zoom, teclear the value 40%.
    2.- Select 'All the page' in the list desplegable Zoom.
    3.- Select 'Width of page' in the smart Zoom to go back to the previous specification.



              To achieve a format still faster, can use the señaladores of existent column in the rule to adjust the width and the spaced between columns.

  • If the current section is formateada in columns of equal width, can drag the señaladores of culumna to change the width of individual columns and also the space that exists between each two columns.
  • If the section is formateada in columns of uneven width, so only will be able to act on the señaladores to modify the width.


    Change of the degree of extension in the way of design of impression.

    1.- Place the cursor in the first column of the section 2.
    2.- Drag in the rule the señalador of the left extreme of the column until the mark of 7 cms. Now it has to increase the space between the paragraphs of the first column and the line of separation.
    3.- It select the paragraphs of the 1ª column and drag the separador of sangrado right in the rule until ranging it with the left extreme of señalador of column.
    4.- It improve the appearance of the columns selecting the two last paragraphs of the section 2 and pressing in the button JUSTIFY in the bar of tools of format.