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Basic Concepts

Show or hide paragraph marks. Click on View/hide all of the formatting toolbar.
Insert text in an existing text. Place the insertion point at the point where he should start the new text and start typing.
Delete characters. Press BACKSPACE to delete characters to the left of the insertion point, and to clear those who are on the right.
Select a word. Click twice on the floor.
Select any portion of text. Drag your mouse over the text to select, or press at the beginning of the text and hold down the SHIFT key, click on the final text.
Select complete lines. Indicate in the left side of the line in the selection bar press. To select multiple lines, select a first and drag the pointer up or down at the bar.
Clear text. Select the text and then press DEL or BACKSPACE.
Replace text. Select the existing text and start typing the new text.
Undo an action. Click the Undo button immediately after the action.
Undo several actions. Click on the arrow and select Undo the first element in the sequence of actions that you want to undo.
Cancel a undo action. Click the Redo button immediately after the undo action.
Nullify the effect of various actions to undo. Click on the arrow and select Redo the first item in the list of undo actions you want to cancel.
Move or copy text. Select the existing text and drag the set to its new location. To copy the text has to hold down the CTRL key while you drag.
Enable copy and paste function intelligently. Choose Options from the Tools menu. Click on the label Edicióny select Copy and paste intelligently. Click OK.
Apply bold, italic or underlined. Select the text below and click on the appropriate buttons on the toolbar to format.
Copy format. Select the formatted text. Click on the Copy button format, the Standard toolbar. Drag the pointer over the text you wish to format.
Change the font or size of the characters. Select the text, press the down arrow that exists in the Source list boxes or Tamañoy then click a name in the font or point size value.
Change the text alignment. Select the text and press one of the alignment buttons in the formatting toolbar.
Save a new document. Click the Save button in the toolbar Std. Select the appropriate folder in the Save in box and type a name in the File name box.
Change the box characters Select the text to modify. Click on change/shift/minus on the Format menu and choose the option to use uppercase and lowercase letters you like.
Repeat an order. Press F4.
To end a session with Microsoft Word. Pulse en Salir, en el menú Archivo.