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AJAX (Exercises)

1.- Search a law was quite long.

2.- It creates at least 5 pages html that each one have part of the information. We do not go us to concern of the styles. Call them p1.html, p2.html, p3.html, etc.

3.- It creates a main page, that to the arrancar show us so many small frames like pages created. Each marquito will house a corresponding number to each one of the pages with a link.

4.- Al arrancar will show in a DIV the corresponding information to the page p1.html pues Understand that it wants to begin to read by this page.

5.- When it finish to load p1.html Will begin the load of p2.html (The consecutive) in a no visible layer. When the load of p2.html Are complete will owe to change the colour of the number .

6.- If the user punctures:

  • On a number whose page associated was already loaded (for example the 2), the load will be immediate. "We light" the layer with the already loaded page. If the following page was not loaded, will load (the page 3) and will change of colour the marquito corresponding.
  • On a number whose page is without loading (for example the 4), will load by ajax this page and will show . When it finish the load will begin to load by ajax the following page (the 5) in a no visible layer to it expects of the that the user puncture in the marquito corresponding.

Have present that after the last page comes the first.

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