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AJAX, acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (JavaScript asynchronous and XML), is a technician of development web to create interactive applications or RIA (Rich Internet Applications). These applications execute in the client, that is to say, in the browser of the users while it keeps the asynchronous communication with the server in second plane. Of this form is possible to realise changes on the pages without need of recargarlas, what means to increase the interactiveness, speed and usabilidad in the applications.

Ajax Is an asynchronous technology, in the sense that the additional data require to the server and load in second plane without interfering with the visualisation neither the behaviour of the page. JavaScript Is the language interpreted (scripting language) in which usually effect the functions of call of Ajax whereas the access to the data realise by means of XMLHttpRequest, available object in the current browsers. In any case, is not necessary that the asynchronous content was formateado in XML.

Ajax Is a valid technician for multiple platforms and usable in a lot of operating systems and browsers since it is based in open standards like JavaScript and Document Object Model (DOM).

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