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One of the improvements that can find between the first version of APS.NET MVC And the second sound the staff. Equally it is working in offering more possibilities ,in the staff ,in the future version of ASP.NET MVC 3, allowing a pseudo language inside the own staff, avoiding, in a lot of occasions, have to write code C# or Visual Basic.NET.

The power of the staff centre in that any element of can be personalizado, from a simple type (integer, chain of text, etc.), until complex classes (clear-cut objects by us), as all a complete model (so much of visualisation and of edition).

The aim of the staff is to create code in the much simpler sights and especially the reuse of code. Some authors recommend to write more code in the sights and forget us of the staff. The reasons that give are that the code remains in a same place and do not go back us crazy looking for in that staff or helper is the code generated. It is a good reason, but also is true that can do the size of the intractable sight and especially does not go us to allow reutilizar code.

Think in the following example; if we defined a staff for a series of generic type and created us some helpers for reutilizar code in several sights, is possible that the first application do something costly to develop, especially because we go desglosando some elements, by determinate folders and files. But the important is that good part of the developed will be reutiliziable in one second application and like this successively. It Will arrive a moment that we do not devote almost time to the staff and devote it to the rest of elements.

We go to centre us in two types of staff.

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