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Signed questionnaires

An additional feature of questionnaires is the ability to create forms that include the credentials of the user who has responded. In this case, surveys or questionnaires would not be anonymous.

This functionality is linked to the " UA identification ", so that two additional features of the questionnaire we have marked to activate it.

Habilitar las opciones de cuestionario firmado

Automatically, will create a new field call sign in form, invisible to the user. This field stores the corporate email that identifies the user. We should not worry for him. If you deactivate the option of signed, will disappear.

Campo que se añade al formulario, invisible para el usuario

To activate the option of signed, will appear a series of configurable options in the central area of the application, under the status area.

Opciones configurables

    • Times that you can answer : allows user to respond several times to the questionnaire. If we let the value by default, which is zero, we will allow to the user answer it a number unlimited times. If a user tries to answer the questionnaire more times than those allowed a message indicating so. (Texts of messages are configurable ).

      Mensaje de límite de intentos excedido
    • The questionnaire will be able to recover : this parameter allows the user to recover data from an earlier attempt. It can be useful for example, in cases in which the questionnaire is very long, and be given the opportunity to the user go to respond at different times. Must bear in mind that, "times that it can be answered" limited the number of times that a questionnaire can be recovered. At the same time, it is important to note that, if the form has fields marked as obligatory, not is you can send until the user fills in these fields

      Whenever a user accesses the form and sends it, is stored a different attempt, regardless of the user accessed to retrieve information from the previous attempt. When analyzing data from users, will have to stay with the last entry of a user, who will be the one that has the most complete information (can detect it using the field date or the identification number of the form).

      Ejemplo de datos extraídos cuando la recuperación está activada.

  • HP addresses: is a parallel alternative to the questionnaire, created to integrate Virtual Campus directly holding the credentials of the logged in user. In this way, the user should not login again to access the questions in the questionnaire (as happened in "ID UA").

    If a user is logged into the Virtual Campus and access this URL, it is automatically identified.

    You can add this link to the questionnaire in any tool of Virtual Campus that allows it. For example, we can add it in the text of an advertisement to enable our students to perform the questionnaire.

    Ejemplo: anuncio en CV


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