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Qualifying questionnaire

Scoring questionnaires let you associate an overall for the right answers and the wrong rating. There is also the possibility that when carrying out the test, appear one or other questions in a random way.

It is important to note that, currently, this type of test can only be performed with questions like "radio", or "drop-down", in which there is a single answer is correct.

To create a questionnaire of this type, in the "properties of the questionnaire" tab we select the type "Puntuable".

Marcar el cuestionario como puntuable

When you mark this option, automatically appears a new block in the central area where we specify the score by success and score by failure. The precision of the numeric values in these fields is of 2 decimal places.

If we leave empty fields of score, the system will assign a point for success and it subtracted one divided by the number of possible fault responses. For example, a failure in a question with 3 answer options, supposed to subtract a third note.

Regardless of the number of questions in the questionnaire, the final grade of the same shall be calculated on 10 points.

Cuadros para indicar las puntuaciones por acierto y fallo, y el número de preguntas aleatorias

On the other hand, if we want to generate questionnaires from randomquestions, we must here indicate the number of questions in the questionnaire. For example, if the questionnaire we create 20 questions and in the field "number of random pregs" indicate the value '5', when the users access to the questionnaire appear 5 questions selected randomly among the created 20.

Quiz questions

In order that the questionnaire be corrected automatically, we need to specify which response option is correct.

Once you have indicated that the questionnaire scoring, response options, a new icon will appear (Icono para marcar la respuesta correcta) which serves to determine the correct answer. We just have to press on the corresponding option.

Indicar la respuesta correcta pinchando en el icono smiley

We have noted that, although the icon appears on all questions of multiple response, scoring questionnaires only we can use questions type "radio" or "drop-down".

In the preview, we can also see the response that we've marked as correct, since it has the same indicative icon, just to the left of the text:

Vista previa de las preguntas puntuables

Available variables

In addition to the variables previously seen, qualifying questionnaires will have the following data:

  • [[* Note]]: final note of the questionnaire on 10 points.
  • [[correct:nombre_del_campo ]]: correct answer to a question.
  • [[points:nombre_del_campo ]]: score obtained on a question.

The following image shows the use of the variables from the questionnaire in the field of thanks. In this way, we could show the user just after the end of the test results.

Variables disponibles en los cuestionarios puntuables


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