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Fields of this type allow the introduction of words or groups of words, of "independent", becoming a sort of tags. In this way, will be more convenient for the user of the questionnaire power delete any of those labels, if required.

To add a tags field, all their editable features are loaded in the " Properties " tab:

Parámetros del control tipo Etiquetas

It is possible to limit the number of tags that the user can enter in the text box, by adding a value in the " maximum number of supported responses " field. If we let this value to zero, the user can enter an unlimited number of tags.

The graphic representation of this type of contol on the form is equal to the of a text input field. However, when entering data, allows the creation of tags, as shown in the following image.

Vista real del control Etiquetas en un cuestionario

To create a label, the user must enter a semicolon behind the word that you want to convert to tag either, press the Enter key.

We can remove any tag punch, by clicking on the 'x' that goes with it. In the same way, we can empty the contents of all the text box, by clicking on the button in the form of 'x' that accompanies it.

Results collected through a field of tags, appear in the same box, with the values of the different labels separated by comma.

Visualización de los resultados recogidos a través de un campo Etiquetas


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