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Multiple choice questions

In certain types of questions in a questionnaire, we can offer users different possible response options. In this way, it will be easier the further analysis of the results obtained.

Controls that allow us to offer response options are:

  • Radio : the user can only select one of the available answers.

  • Drop-down list : is the same as the control type "radio", where only one answer is possible, but drop-down format.

  • Multiple list : users can select several (we can specify a limit) of the available response options. In addition, the order in which has made the selection, is saved so we can use this type of control to collect user preferences. When the user selects a value from the list, it disappears from the same.

    Vista previa de un control tipo lista múltiple en el cuestionario

  • Check : is used for "true or false" questions. This type of question does not have a text of introduction. The content of the question must be expressed as an affirmation in the response field, so that the user will mark the checkbox where it considers the claim as true or not will mark it, otherwise.

  • Group checkbox : the user can select more of the available response options.

Regardless of the type of field we choose, answers editing controls are the same.

Opciones de respuesta

We have two text boxes for each answer, that will be used for the two languages of the form. Other options are:

  • Value : is a numerical value associated with each response. It may be useful in analysis of the statistics. In any case, when it comes to extract the results of the survey can indicate that they displayed, the values either or, the texts of the response.
  • Botón para añadir otra respuesta posible : by using this button can Add another possible answer.
  • Botón para eliminar una opción de respuesta: with this button you can delete one of the existing options.
  • Botón para que la opción aparezca marcada por defecto: If we check this icon, the corresponding response option, will appear marked by default to access the questionnaire.
  • Botón para crear dependencias entre preguntas y respuestas: allows you to create dependencies between a response and the occurrence of certain questions or fields of the questionnaire.


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