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Groups of multiple-choice questions

Groups of questions allow group controls of multiple choice under a same heading, as a table. It is the typical structure used in the teaching evaluation surveys.

First we'll add a field type "Group", where we specify the title in the header (optional) and the number of possible answers. The structure is very similar to that we have seen in multiple choice question types.

Grupo de preguntas

On the questions of the questionnaire panel we can see a preview of this field type.

Vista previa del control tipo grupo sin subgrupos

Then we must add subgroups of questions we deem appropriate. To this end, we drag the subset type control to the existing group, or with the group selected on the panel of questions in the questionnaire, we click on the control of type "subgroup". In this case for example, we will add a "subgroup radio", since we only allow an answer per question.

To add the field of subgroup, we can only modify text and the same name to show, since responses are defined in the control of type "Group" previously introduced. Therefore, the response options disabled.

Subgrupo tipo radio

The preview would be:

Grupo con subgrupo tipo radio

We will have to add so many subgroups of questions as you want. You can reorder questions, from the panel of quiz questions, by clicking and dragging to the new position.

Grupo de radios con varias preguntas

In the same way, we can create groupings of fields type "check", which allow the selection of multiple response options.

Ejemplo con subgrupo de checks


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