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Cómo añadir preguntas

Once created the "skeleton" of the questionnaire, we can begin to insert the content, i.e. the texts and questions that will make it.

To add a question, we must select the " Add Control " tab and then click on one of the available field types.

Crear controles

Then you have a brief description of the fields or controls available:

  • Title : to insert text or images in any position of the questionnaire. It is not a question type, and therefore has no chance of response.
  • Text : allows the user to write freely. In addition to conventional text box, there are other types available: numerical , NIF/NIEIBAN, currency and mail , allowing you to add certain restrictions. For example, if we add a text of the mail type field, the system will try to check that the entered text matches a valid email address.
  • Date: is a picture of text, but in this case, it will be verified that the typed text is a date according to the format mm/dd/yyyy . It also has a small calendar, that will allow us to move through the different months and years in order to select one day in particular.
  • Radio : lets you specify several options for response, but it will only be possible to select one.
  • Group checks : lets you specify several options for response, but this time the user can select multiple options.
  • Check : allows you to write a statement, so the user may check a box if it is true for it, or leave it unchecked if it is not.
  • Unfolding : presents several collected response in a drop-down, so that, when folded, is displayed only the chosen response.
  • Comments : is the same that the control type 'Text' normal but, is displayed in a larger box and allows you to enter more words.
  • Time stamp : is a type of special field that is invisible to the user. This control automatically stores the time the user has taken to answer the questionnaire.
  • Button : allows you to insert a button at the end of the questionnaire.
  • File : enables the user to attach a file.
  • Locked : is a special control, which allows you to store a text string in a variable of the questionnaire.
  • Group : allows to group a series of questions from radio or type checks under the same header. It is the typical format of polls that go to students in the subjects.
  • Subgroup Radio : is used in conjunction with the " Group " control. We will introduce as many subgroups as questions we want in the grouping.
  • Subgroup CheckBox : used in conjunction with the " Group " control. We will introduce as many subgroups as questions we want in the grouping.

By clicking on any of the fields, it will automatically insert in the questionnaire. If the questionnaire contains questions, new field is inserted below the existing ones. At that moment, the panel " quiz questions " where we can see a preview of the input fields will be displayed and, in turn, will activate the tab " Properties " so we specify the text and the other attributes of that field in particular. Depending on the type of control, properties or other displays.

Editando una pregunta

In some cases, we can convert the selected field to another type of control, using the drop-down " type " that appears at the end of the " Properties " tab.

Tipos de control disponibles

On the other hand, if the central panel we click on a field in particular, the corresponding data in the " Properties " tab will be loaded so that we can modify them.

At the same time, since this panel can duplicate or delete questions, with the icons that appear in the lower right corner of each field, when we pass the mouse over it Duplicar y eliminar preguntas . It is also possible to reorder them own question-clicking and dragging to the desired position.

In the following video you can see an example on how to duplicate, delete, and re-order a question.


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