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Common properties

When you insert any of the available question types, in the tab " Properties " will appear all those characteristics that we can edit. Most of these properties are common to different types of question and for that reason, are going to explain in this section generally.

  • Field name : is the name that will identify this control, for example, when a worksheet with the statistics, is generated when we configure an automatic mail sending or use advanced options of questionnaires based on templates.

    Dónde se muestra cada propiedad
  • Text to be shown: is the text that appears next to the questionnaire and is used to explain to the user what kind of data we need to know. We have a small text editor that allows you to insert links and apply certain format (bold and italic) to the typed text.

    At the controls of the questionnaire on the " title " the editor type of text, it also offers us the possibility to insert images.

    Añadiendo contenido al Título
  • Orientation : allow us to choose the position of the fields of the questionnaire, vertical or horizontal, with respect to the text that describes the question. If we indicate horizontal orientation, the form field is placed just below the text. Conversely, choosing vertical orientation field will be placed below the text, as if we had entered a line break. The type of orientation "fixed", that is a variant of the horizontal orientation which applies a constant distance between the different possibilities of response also appears in some controls.

    In the image below we can see an example of an "Observations" field with different types of orientation.

    Orientación de un campo Observaciones
  • Size : in text input fields, we can define the size of the box, depending on the amount of information that we want that the user enters.
  • Required : by checking this box are indicating that the user will have to necessarily answer this question to be able to send the questionnaire. While we are editing the questionnaire we can identify which fields are required by the yellow color and because an asterisk appears together with the text of the question. The end user will only see the asterisk (required fields not displayed you in yellow).

    Cómo sabemos cuándo un campo es obligatorio


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