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Managing folders

One of the features of the application allows the creation and management of folders, so that we can group questionnaires to keep them organized.

In the toolbar you must click on the button Gestionar carpetas to access the screen for managing folders. On the screen we can distinguish 3 different blocks. The basic operation for any operation will be click and drag a few blocks to others.

Pantalla de gestión de carpetas

Creating a new folder

To create a folder, we focus our attention on the block "new folder". First click on the pencil icon, Icono para habilitar la edición del nombre de la carpeta , to modify the name of the folder and to save your changes, click on the icon Icono para aceptar los cambios .Creando una carpeta

Then we will have to drag the folder to the "current folder" area. We can place it in the position you want.

Pinchar y arrastrar la carpeta de un área a otra

Also could have made the process in reverse, i.e., first drag the folder and then rename it.

Finally, before closing the window we have to click on the "Update" button.

Botón para actualizar los cambios

Rearranging folders and questionnaires

To change the order in which the folders are displayed, we click on them and drag to the desired position. Similarly, to change a questionnaire from one folder to another, we can click on the questionnaire and drag it to the desired folder. Look at that, questionnaires that belong to the folder "Unassigned", are displayed in the panel "Trash".

Cambiar un cuestionario de carpeta

Another way to change a questionnaire of folder is, select the folder desired panel properties of the questionnaire. So the changes take effect we must save the questionnaire.

Cambiar un cuestionario de carpeta desde el desplegable

Removing folders

To delete a folder drag it from the "Current folder" area to the area of "papelera".The folder will remain in that area until you press the "Update" button, so that we can retrieve it if you have made a mistake.

Área de la papelera

In any case, questionnaires that may contain the folder will not be deleted, but that will become part of the folder "Unassigned".


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