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Import questions

This utility allows you to reuse of questions among our questionnaires. It is available in the " Add control " tab, as shown in the following image:

By clicking on the button, a window with the folders available on the drive will be shown selected Manager, so when selecting one can see the questionnaires assigned to it.

When finalimente select a questionnaire, all questions containing will be loaded. It is important to know that it this window is navigable , i.e., at all times, we can go back to select another folder or another questionnaire. To do this simply click on the name of the selected questionnaire or the folder, respectively.

To import an existing question we must click on it and drag it to the panel " quiz questions ", in the position in which you want to display. When the field immediately above that you are dragging, shown in dark, we release and the question will be included in the questionnaire.

To be able to import questions, it is imperative that the new questionnaire has at least one field. Then we can delete it if necessary.


If you look carefully in the window that appears when you click on " import questions ", we will see that there is an option called " libraries " that does not correspond to any of your folders.

Importar pregunta desde librería

The libraries are meant to function as a Bank of questions from general use . The number of questions available will be gradually expanded as needs emerge.

Initially there are 4 available questions:

Preguntas de la librería

  • Drop-down that contains all the Master's studies offered.
  • Drop-down that contains all the degree offered.
  • Drop-down that contains all extinguish .
  • Text of the Data Protection Act .

These questions are imported in the same way that the mentioned above, i.e. by clicking and dragging it to the questionnaire.

Once imported the question, this will be fully editable so we can customize it according to our needs. For example, could change the value of each answer or delete answers to stay with grades of a branch of knowledge in particular, etc.

Ejemplo de un desplegable con los grados, totalmente editable

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