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Export and import questionnaires

The option of exporting and importing a questionnaire is designed to prevent data loss in the event that a problem of connection to the Internet.

Since the application of questionnaires is a web application (not a program that we install on our computer), may, after a working session, want to keep the changes made, we find a connection error that prevents us to store the changes. Steps would be to export the data from the questionnaire and save them, to be able to import them when possible.

Both options are available in the menu "questionnaires > import / export > export".

Menú donde podemos encontrar las opciones de importar y exportar

To use the option to export the data, a window that contains the selected questionnaire data. The data appear in text format, but encoded in a way so that they can then be imported correctly.

Datos a exportar

At the bottom of the window, we have a button to copy the entire contents of a fast and comfortable way.

Once copied the text, we will paste it in an editor like e.g. Notepad and save the file to retrieve it when we are able to import.

The follow-up process, import, is done in a similar way. To access this option, will be shown an empty window, which you have to paste the previously saved text and then click on the button "Vale".

Importar un cuestionario previamente exportado

To complete the process, we must click on the button "Save" on the toolbar.

Guardar los datos importados

At that time, the list of questionnaires we can see two questionnaires with identical name.

Cuestionario duplicado en la lista de cuestionarios

After confirming that the import was successful, we can delete the oldest (least complete) questionnaire and staying with which contains all the amendments. If we have doubts when it comes to eliminate a questionnaire, we can always check the date of creation to make sure that we are deleting the oldest.

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