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Blocks of questions repeat

This feature is designed to provide some flexibility to a questionnaire, allowing the repetition of blocks of data by the user.

Occasionally, there are sets of data that, depending on each user, should be sent several times. For example, think about a call in which groups of teachers must be registered, and for each teacher must obtain data such as your name, surname, e-mail and ID card. Some groups may be formed by 4 members and others, for example, by 10. What are we doing? Do we create fields for 10 teachers and if sobran to remain blank? But in this case... what would happen if you want to register a group with 11 members? The optimal solution would be to use a block of "questions to repeat".

To add one of these blocks to the questionnaire, we must Access the "Add control" tab and select the "repeat Preg" block which is located at the bottom.

Crear un bloque de preguntas a repetir

This type of control initially has the following appearance:

Bloque de pestañas variable

As you can see in the picture, the block is divided into two parts, one home and one that marks the end of the block. According to this structure, we need to add the fields of repetition between the boot block and the end, as shown in the following image.

Vista previa del bloque de preguntas a repetir con contenido

The user, to access the form you will see a single tab, so that, when you click on the tab with the symbol "" will appear eyelashes identical.

Vista del bloque por el usuario

If we want to create dependent questions in one of these blocks, you will have to do it always between fields included in repeat block.


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