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Create dependencies between questions

The application of questionnaires allows you to create dependencies between questions, so, a question only displayed on the form if the user selects a certain answer . This functionality is available for multiple response options questions.

We will explain the steps to be followed by an example to make it look clearer.

Suppose we have the following question and that, depending on the user's response, we want to get more related information:

Ejemplo con control tipo grupo de checks

For example, when a user check the option "Wikis" we'd know what kind of platform has used. We have decided to collect this information with a drop-down field, we have to create before continuing. It would have the following appearance:

Desplegable de ejemplo

Once created the questions that we want to connect, select the first and click on the icon to create dependencies ( Botón para crear dependencias entre preguntas y respuestas ) of the "wiki" response.

Crear dependencia en una de las respuestas

By clicking on this icon, panel of questions in the questionnaire we will see that a box appears on the right side of each of the fields existing in the questionnaire. We will simply have to mark the checkbox corresponding to the question that you want to relate .

Marcar pregunta relacionada

As a result, in the preview will appear an icon indicating that the response "wikis" has a dependent question. (If you don't see them, click in another field of the questionnaire and so will update the view.) At the same time, question type drop-down, appears highlighted with a dotted frame and also maintains the dependency icon in the upper right corner.

Iconos que indican dependencias entre preguntas

On the other hand, to check what question is related to that answer can move the mouse over the icon of "dependence created" response. A small window that shows the name of the field from the attached questionnaire (in our example, "plat-wiki").

Nombre de la pregunta vinculada a la respuesta

In this way, we can create as many units as they may be appropriate.

In summary, the steps would be:
  1. Create questions or fields of the questionnaire required, both the employees as those who are not.
  2. Reorder questions, if necessary, taking into account the order in which we want to display to the user.
  3. Create dependencies.


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