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The text editor

In some boxes of introduction of data find a small editor of text. Depending on where appear the editor will offer us different options.

Editor of text of the picture of gratitudes

Editor for the gratitudes

  • Icon to expand to complete screen: It allows to visualise the picture of text to complete screen.
  • Icon to copy the staff of variables: It copies a staff with all the variable data of the questionnaire (billed of the questions and answers of the user). In this way, when an user send a questionnaire, will visualise what have answered in each case. In addition to the staff of fields of the questionnaire can enter the fixed text that consider timely. For more information, visits the Variable "section".
  • Icon to show the code html of the picture of gratitudes: It allows to visualise the content of the picture in format HTML. (Only for users advanced).
  • Icon to select all the existent text in the picture: It allows to select all the text of the picture of hit, generally to facilitate us the action to erase everything.
  • Icons to apply boldface or cursiva to the text selected: It allows to apply boldface or cursiva to the previously selected text.
  • Icons to insert or delete links: They allow to add a link and remove it, respectively. So that the buttons appear enabled, have to select previously the text to the that want to add the link. When puncturing in the first button, will have to enter the URL of the web page to which want to link, indicate if we want that it open in the same window or in a new window and add the title of the link.

    Data of the hipervínculo

  • Icon that inserts a horizontal line: It inserts a horizontal line that can use like separador of text. When puncturing in the button will appear a small window where will be able to configure the thickness of the line (high) and the width. If we leave the width in white, by defect, will adjust to the width of the page.

    Configuration of the horizontal line

    In the following image can see an example of horizontal line:

    Example of horizontal line by defect

  • Icons for alineación of the text: Options for alineación of text.
  • Icon to insert a variable: desplegable Of variables of the questionnaire. The variables are any field that have included in the questionnaire. Also we have of a series of internal variables (like a number that identifies each sending of questionnaire or the date of sending).

    Desplegable Of variables

    When selecting one of the variables of the desplegable, will enter it in the point of the picture of text in that have the cursor. The variables always will appear between corchetes double and do not have to modify them so that they can show properly. In the following image have entered the variable "email" that corresponds with one of the fields of the form that previously have designated like this.

    Example of a variable entered in the text

  • Icon to go up an image to the server: It allows to go up an image to a small space of the server. When puncturing in the button "Examine" will be able to sail by our system and, when selecting the image, will appear automatically in the right area of the window.

    Go up an image to the server

    To insert the image directly, have to puncture in the icon Insert the image in the picture of text.
    If we puncture in the icon Edit data of the image will be able to edit some characteristics of the image like his title, alternative text, dimensions, alineación with regard to the text and separation between the image and the text.

    Edit characteristics of the image
    If we use images frequently, have the option to group the images in folders to have them organised. The operation is the same that have seen, but before going up the image have to select the folder in which we want to enter it.

    Gestión of folders

  • Icon to edit an already inserted image: It allows to edit the characteristics of a previously entered image or add an image from a website, indicating his URL.

    To edit a previously entered image, first will select the image and, to continuation, will puncture in the icon.

Image selected

From here we will be able to edit the title, description of the image and the options of appearance (alineación, dimensions...). The eyelash "Advanced" does not have utility in the application of Questionnaires.

Editor of image (eyelash 1)

Editor of image(eyelash 2)

Editor of text of the email of confirmation

When we enable the sending of post of confirmation have of a similar editor to add the message of the email that want to send.

Editor for the body of the email

In the line of icons that appears just on of the editor can find one new. This icon Icon to copy the text of gratitude in the body of the email and vice versa allows to copy the content of the picture of gratitudes in the body of the email. To his time, this option will appear also in the picture of gratitudes to realise the reverse operation, that is to say, to copy the content of the body of the email in the field of gratitudes.

Editors of text of the fields of the questionnaire

Since it is a version reduced of the editor that have seen, already know all the available options.

Editor of text that appears in the fields of the questionnaire


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