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How to create a questionnaire

  1. If you have several management units , select one that you want to create the questionnaire. In this way, the other members of that group, have access to the same.

    Seleccionar la aplicación
  2. Then we click on the icon " create questionnaire ".

    Botón para crear un nuevo cuestionario
  3. We must read and accept the legal conditions .

    Aceptar condiciones legales
  4. From now on, we will set our attention in the " Props of the questionnaire " tab. The first thing is to write the name of the questionnaire . We must bear in mind that this field is mandatory (is shaded in yellow and displayed an asterisk before the name of it).

    Introducir el nombre del cuestionario
    The questionnaires are always created in two languages , being able to choose between Spanish, Valencian and English. To make translation easier, we have automatic translation tools. For example, if we write a text in Spanish in the field "name of the questionnaire", by clicking on one of the two icons at the top ( Iconos para realizar la traducción ) the second field will automatically be filled with the text in the selected language (Valencian ' v' and 'i' for English).
  5. We then specify the range of dates in which the questionnaire will be available. If we do not introduce start date, the questionnaire will be available from that very first moment for anyone who knows the URL. If, on the other hand, we introduce no end date, the questionnaire will be available indefinitely, since the start date. At the same time, can leave the two fields blank to make the questionnaire available immediately and without any restriction from date.

    Rango de fechas en las que el cuestionario estará disponible
  6. The following fields are the " associated web " (in each language) and " associated mail " to the questionnaire.

    Web y correo asociados al cuestionario
    When users have access to the questionnaire, at the foot of the same page, several links appear. The link of the text " home " will be that we specify in the associated URL Enlaces en el pie de página .

    Associated mail will be used in the case of mark the option " send email confirmation ", being said mail the sender of the e-mails sent to users.
  7. Using the drop-down " folder " you can select which folder of the existing ones, we store the questionnaire. In this way, it will be easier the management and organization of the same.

    Asignar a una carpeta

  8. You can then assign additional features to the questionnaire.

    Tipos de cuestionario
    • Puntuable : questionnaires of this type can specify a numeric value for the right answers and the other for the failures. It is only applicable to questions of multiple choice (type " radio ").
    • Template Vual : allows you to modify the final appearance of the questionnaire by the arrangement of the different questions in a HTML page of the web site of the University. In this way. the questionnaire will be shown integrated within a web in particular, while retaining the same navigation menu.
    • Closed : allows close access to the questionnaire. It may be helpful to prevent access to the questionnaire until we have completed their creation and added the contents that we want.
    • Sending mail : by checking this type of questionnaire, allows you to create an email that will be sent to the user after the completion and submission of the questionnaire.
    • UA identification : allows you to restrict access to the questionnaire to members of the University community. The user must enter credentials UA as a step prior to the completion of the questionnaire.
    • Signed : allows you to create questionnaires nonanonymous , storing the user institutional e-mail. Therefore it is linked to " ID UA ", so, if we check the option " signed " automatically be marked such feature.
    The activation of any of these characteristics will be reflected in the status area by its corresponding icon.

  9. Finally, we have to introduce the text of gratitude , to be displayed to the user after completing the questionnaire. To this end, we have a small editor that will allow us to apply basic formats to the typed text, as well as to insert links, images, or variables from the questionnaire. By clicking on the icon Ampliar editor de texto , the text editor will be displayed in full screen to make us more comfortable editing.

    The features of the editor will be in more detail in another section.

    Texto de agradecimiento
    In the same way that occurs with the name of the questionnaire, the thanks text appears for two selected languages. If we have introduced the first editor, text by clicking one of the icons Iconos para realizar la traducción , will take place the corresponding translation in the following text editor.
  10. Finally, we must click on the " Save " button, and automatically see the data reflected in the questionnaire information panel.

    Guardar cuestionario


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