Profesorado External: procedure to facilitate the access to UA Cloud - Campus Virtual IT Service

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Profesorado External: procedure to facilitate the access to UA Cloud - Campus Virtual

In which situations is it necessary to create a teacher profile?

-access to UACloud - Virtual Campus of professors from other universities.
-use of teaching tools by personnel of the AU which has no profile of PDI, but collaborates in any teaching activity (practices, laboratories...).

The procedure consists of three steps:

1) the corresponding secretariat (Center, Department, Institute, U. permanent...) calls for the creation of the profile of faculty outside the academic management (contact form with the SGA) service

To create this profile, it is necessary to communicate the following data:

This data creates the profile of external Professor at the academic management database.

(2) the responsible Secretariat assigns teaching corresponding to each teacher (Universitas XXI). This step is not a prerequisite.

(3) once completed the previous two steps, is requested to the CAU activation of the profile of the teacher through this form:

The application shall always be accompanied by a proposal for a mail account.This email account will not change later, so it is advisable to make sure the preferences of the teacher.

Who can help a teacher with problems of access to UA Cloud - Virtual Campus?

The CAU assumes in this case the function of a Department in terms of creation of new keys in case of forgetfulness and blockages, but not it communicates it directly to the teacher.

CAU will inform the relevant management unit the new password. This unit manager, after verifying the identity of the teacher, can provide you with your new password.

Contact form with the CAU