UACloud Access Problems - Virtual Campus IT Service

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UACloud Access Problems - Virtual Campus


I cannot access UACloud. 
I cannot remember my password. 
I get this message displayed “Your e-mail or password is not correct"  



What is your alternative personal e-mail?


It is an e-mail account different from your UA institutional e-mail account.  

It is the e-mail you provided to UA at some point (when pre-registering, when you accessed UA for the first time or the one you inserted in UACloud >> My setting >> General >> Personal electronic mail):

  • If you are a new UA student and are going to start undergraduate studies: the email you provided when you applied for the Valencian University Pre-registration System for new undergraduate students. 

    For enquiries:  Information Office - 965 90 34 56 - .
  • If you are a new UA student, you are pre-registering for a Master's degree, a PhD degree, or any postgraduate degree: the e-mail you provided when you applied for the UA pre-registration system (PreinsUA). 

    For enquiries: Information Office - 965 90 34 56 - .
  • If you are or were a UA member (an administrative or academic staff member, or a student): the e-mail you provided to UACloud > My settings > General > Personal electronic mail. It must be an alternative e-mail, other than your UA e-mail. 

    For enquiries: Information Office - 965 90 34 56 - .
  • Other cases: the e-mail you provided to the UA when you signed up. 

    If you are an external internship tutor, it is the e-mail you provided to the UA Internships & Work Placements Office or to the Faculty Internship Office ( or internship management offices).

If you still have questions or issues, contact the Information Office (965 90 34 56 - ) or the relevant unit.

What if you do not have an alternative personal e-mail or have no access to that e-mail? You need to include a new e-mail. Contact the Information Office (965 90 34 56 - ) or the relevant unit.


Can I change my alternative personal e-mail once I have access?

It can be changed immediately and at any time from UACloud:

My settings>> General >> Personal electronic mail:


Other UA-Cloud access problems


I get a "BLOCKED ACCESS" message when I try access to UACloud

You must request a new access password here.


I cannot log in from my PC but I can from another PC or browser. 
The system gets me back to UACloud access control screen.

In order to get access to UACloud and to be able to view all options, the browser that is being used must be set properly (with the browser default settings everything will work correctly). Cookies use and JavaScript functions must be activated:

  • Internet Explorer:
    • JavaScript: Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options>> Advanced options: "Restore advanced settings".
    • Cookies: Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options>> Privacy >> Advanced.
  • Mozilla Firefox:
    • JavaScript: Tools >> Options >> Content:  "Activate JavaScript".
    • Cookies: Tools >> Preferences >> Privacy:  "Accept cookies" (or "Remember history").
  • Google Chrome:
    • JavaScript: Settings>> Show advanced options >> Content settings:   "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)".  
    • Cookies: Settings>> Show advanced options >> Content settings:  "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)".

If it seems that certain links do not work (blank links) it is usually because your browser is set to not allow opening new windows when clicking on some of them. You must allow pop-ups in your browser, necessary for some features:

  • Mozilla Firefox:  Tools >> Options >> Content:  Make sure that "Block pop-up windows” is unchecked.  
  • Google Chrome:  Settings>> Show advanced options >> Content settings: In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups"  
  • Internet Explorer:  Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options>> Privacy:  make sure that "Activate pop-up blocker” is unchecked.

To solve other possible problems, we recommend that you delete temporary files, cache and browser cookies  (watch videos on how to perform this process with  Mozilla Firefox,  Chrome or  Internet Explorer).


How can I instal a new security certificate?

Installation of a security certificate depends on your Internet browser. In order for you to know which your browser is and its version, click on the Help or Options button that is on the upper right side of your browser scroll bar and click on "About …" or "Information on …"

Check your security certificates and verify your settings following the steps below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:  Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options>> Content >> Certificates.
  • Mozilla Firefox:  Tools >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Encryption >> View certificates ...
  • Google Chrome:  Menu button >> Settings >> Show advanced options >> Administer certificates