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UACloud Access Problems - Virtual Campus

Please note that UACloud - VC access password is the same as the one used for other UA services offered: Webmail, Vualà, Questionnaire app, incidence management system ...



I cannot access UACloud - VC. I do not remember my password
I get this message displayed: "Your e-mail or password is not correct" 

Bear in mind that passwords are case-sensitive.
Make sure that you are typing the right password and you are not mixing up O (o's) with 0 (zeros).  

You can apply for a new password if you provided us with an alternative e-mail (More info).

How and where a new password can be applied for
(via your alternative personal e-mail)?

Application for a new password:

The required instructions, as well as further information, can be found in the application form itself.

What is your alternative personal e-mail?

It is an e-mail account different from your UA institutional e-mail account.
It is the e-mail you provided to UA sometime (when pre-registering, when you accessed UA for the first time or the one you inserted in UACloud >> My setting >> General >> Personal electronic mail):

  • If you are or were a UA member (Admin. staff, academic staff or student)

Your personal e-mail is the one you inserted in UACloud >> My settings>> General >> Personal e-mail

(Your personal e-mail should be an alternative e-mail. different from your UA e-mail)

  • If you are a new UA undergraduate student.

Your personal e-mail is the one you provided on the Valencian University pre-registration system for new graduates.

Further information:

  • If you are a new UA Master's, PhD or any other type of student.

Your personal e-mail is the one you provided on the UA pre-registration system (PreinsUA).

Further information: consult your reference centre.

  • Other cases: the e-mail provided by you to the UA.

If you are, for instance, an internship external in-company tutor,

your personal e-mail is the one you provided to the UA Work Placement Office or the relevant Faculty Work Placement Office. .

Further information: contact us at

Work Placement offices contact details (telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites)

What if you do not have an alternative personal e-mail or have no access?

You should contact your reference centre to duly identify yourself and provide a personal e-mail (other than your UA institutional e-mail)

How can I change my alternative personal e-mail?

You can change it immediate at any time from UACloud:

My settings >> General >> Personal e-mail:


Further access problems to UA-Cloud


I get a "BLOCKED ACCESS" message when I try access to UACloud

You should contact your "reference unit" for them to show you if there is any particular reason why you have been blocked out and unblock it for you as well as provide you with a new password if required.

Depending on your UA membership, you should contact your corresponding reference unit:


I cannot login from my PC but I can from another PC. 
The system gets me back to UACloud access control screen.

To log in properly in UACloud - Virtual Campus and have a correct view of all the options, your browser should be correctly configured (default configuration of all browsers are supposed to work correctly). You are required to activate the use of cookies and JavaScript functions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:
    • JavaScript: Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options >> Advanced options: "Restore advanced settings".
    • Cookies: Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options >> Privacy >> Advanced.
  • Mozilla Firefox:
    • JavaScript: Tools >> Options >> Content: "Activate JavaScript".
    • Cookies: Tools >> Preferences >> Privacy: "Accept cookies" (or "Remember history").
  • Google Chrome:
    • JavaScript: Settings>> Show advanced options >> Content settings: "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)". 
    • Cookies: Settings>> Show advanced options >> Content settings"Allow local data to restore (recommended)".


How can I install a new security certificate?

Installation of a security certificate depends on your Internet browser. In order for you to know which your browser is and its version, click on the Help or Options button that is on the upper right side of your browser scroll bar and click on "Acerca de…" o "Información de…"

Check your security certificates and verify your settings following the steps below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools (ALT+X) >> Internet options >> Content >> Certificates.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Encryption >> View certificates…
  • Google Chrome: Menu button >> Settings >> Show advanced options >> Administer certificates




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