I have problems of acces to the Economic Information in UA Cloud - Campus Virtual IT Service

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I have problems of acces to the Economic Information in UA Cloud - Campus Virtual



Occasionally the users of UA Cloud - Virtual Campus find difficulties to access to the economic information when use Internet Explorer. If the user goes in with another browser checks that it does not give the error.  The problem roots in the configuration of the browser Explorer.

  • The browser Explorer 7 and back versions, demands a suitable management of the privacy by part of the user to have access to tools of Virtual Campus that offer economic information: Other payments, Data Hacienda, Projects of Investigation, etc.
  • To access to determinate utilities has to realise the following process:
    •   Tools >> Options of intenet >>
    •   Privacy >> Places >>
    •   Direction of the website: place >> Allow >> Https://www.ge.ua.es
  • To continuation reproduces the process with captures of screen
  • It is indispensable that previously the user have installed the Security Certíficate of the UA  (this certíficado also is essential for the access to the service of webmail and to the application of economic management).


¿How allow access to a determinate place in Explorer 7 and back versions? (Administer the privacy of a place)


explorer 7 gestión privacidad 1 


Inside Options of internet have of a series of eyelashes. Has to select the relative eyelash to Privacy, and inside her select the button that allows to administer the Places


 explorer 7 gestión privacidad 2


Once that you access to the administration of places, has to specify the Direction of the website to the that wish allow the access.


explorer 7 gestión privacidad 3


To access to the tool of Virtual Campus is recommended to allow the access to these two directions of places:




explorer 7 gestión privacidad 4


Once that it allows the access can see and remove the commands of the Websites administered


explorer 7 gestión privacidad 5


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