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The W3C ( W3C Consortium ) is an organization dedicated to regulate and create standards for the web. The University of Alicante Web Committee has as one of its objectives ensure (insofar as possible) a standard and highly accessible web development. VUAL internal development tool enables the creation of content according to these standards.

If you want to learn how to make web pages that comply with standards and accessible, we recommend that you perform the tutorials created by the W3C to the developer community.

  • XHTML tutorial : language of labelling which allows you to create HTML documents.
  • CSS tutorial : are style guides. You will allow you to create Visual styles for your HTML files while maintaining the design content separate.
  • Javascript Tutorial : you will provide a great impetus to your web pages. Validation of forms, lifestyle changes. It is a programming language and requires some computer knowledge.
  • AJAX tutorial : using Javascript, AJAX allows communication with the server asynchronously based on XML and JSON technologies. It requires a very high knowledge of Javascript.

On the other hand, the creation of content for the website of the University of Alicante require forced compliance with a series of rules that make the corporate style. It is essential to take into account this series of standards for the development of the corporate website of the University of Alicante: access to the University of Alicante-corporate style guide .

Finally, the University of Alicante is affiliated to RedIRIS , the network of Spanish research that provides advanced communication services to the national scientific and University community and academic. Funded by the Ministry of science and innovation, and included in his map of unique technological scientific installations. It is responsible for managing the public enterprise, of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade.

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